Friday, July 10, 2009

Here's Johnny!

At the one hotel we stay at in VA, the hallway looks strangely like the one from the Shining. Whenever I walked out of my room I swear I'd see the kid on the big wheels come down the hall or the twins at the other end.
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Hulkamania never died.
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Prince of Darkness

At Erin's Dance reherasal, we had to go down an alley to get to the back of the stage.
If you have seen the movie "The Prince of Darkness", this alley looks like the one where Alice Cooper and his gang of homeless crazy people attach the one guy with a bike.

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Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Vacation Recap

Its about time I recapped our Vacation. The trip down was about 8 hrs. Note- when traveling with Erin, add like 2 hours to the trip. She knew the trip was long but not that long. It should have taken about 6 (including a stop for lunch). Columbus was hot. 90 degrees and no relief. Erin was amazed by the room. Our view was the best

I forget she hasn't been in many Hotels (she's been in one). The convention itself was awesome. We tried a bunch of new games and Erin got a chance to Demo a bunch as well. Several made their way home too. She also was introduced to painting Minis. I had to tear her away from the table. The convention also had a kid's room where they could go and we didn't have to stay! I actually got to go play a game with Tim and I tried the Mech Warrior video game - it was awesome. Expensive but awesome. All in all, a good convention.

The down time we wandered over to the North Market. Its what the Broadway Market should be. But they did have wonderful ice cream.

There was a nice pub near the hotel and I got hard cider. Yipee!!

We did find Mongolian BBQ which was really good (b.d. mongolian). And we did end up ordering room service. Erin was all over that.

I think the highlight was the Columbus Zoo - best zoo ever. The exhibits were fantastic and well planned out. They had misters at certain points - for the animals and the people. Here's Tim and Erin at the Chimps. It should have been by the Gorillas.

We never even made it to the Water Park or Jack's Landing (amusement park). It was that big. My favorite part - feeding the Lorikets.

Ok, second best part - going to Joe's Crab Shack. nomnomnom.... here's Erin getting down with the server during a musical break.

On Monday we headed over to COSI (the Science Museum) and got in for free. YAH reciprocal program. They had some really nice hands on stuff and an Egyptian exhibit. So freaking cool.
All in all, it was a really good trip.

Would I do it again? Yes but with a case of water and Iced tea.

Talk about hostas

Talk about hostas