Saturday, July 28, 2007

Mom and Erin making Giant bubbles

We went to the 2007 Bubblefest at the Buffalo Museum of Science. It was fun, but a little crazy for me. Too many kids.

They had pools of bubble solution (yes, kiddie pools). Hula hoops, ropes. straws. what ever... bubbles bubbles everywhere.

The best part was the black light bubbles. They had a room set up with black lights, Rave/techno music and special bubbles. Erin was so digging it. Her first rave and Mom, Dad and Grandma were there to share... HA!

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

No answer for you.

I hate it when horoscopes strike a cord with me:

"Slow down so you can reflect on the recent flurry of activity and process your feelings about what has happened. You might not be quite as bubbly and interactive as normal, but you can still have fun with others. Remember, you are not responsible for coming up with all the answers to everyone else's questions"

I think I want the last line engraved on my tombstone.

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

I need a vacation from my vacation

After 5 days off, I need another 3 to sleep. Lets review -

Tuesday night - official start of Vacation: I cleaned the house.

Wednesday - the 4th of July - It rained. A lot... like Call Noah, we need an Ark. So I cleaned some more. Sam came over before the RUSH concert. There was an exchange of silly gifts (pictures coming). Best gift ever - GOLDEN SPLAT PIG (we miss you .. rest in peace). This silly pig lasted a few hours but was so fun! You throw it at a flat surface and it SLATS then reshapes. Hours of Fun. We had it on the ceiling... buhahhaha. The kid accidentally broke it. So much for hours of fun. The rain finally let up so we ended up going to the Cheektowaga Town park for the annual carnival and fireworks. Good show but because it rained all damn day, the show was delayed due to a late setup.

Thursday - more cleaning and waiting for Sam. Its been about 1 year since I saw Sam, longer for Tim and Erin. The evening consisted of: Pizza, booze, wings, booze, and X-BOX.... She's such a cheap date.. i love it. No fancy outing, just food and games. By the way, Wolverine totally is the best.

Friday - Its been a dozen or so years since I stepped foot in Fantasy Island. Its now my new favorite amusement park. Prices were fair and there is a ton to do for the kids. Not to mention a free water park (little but it serves it purpose). Erin and I went on the PIRATE. She loved it.. I have a new ride buddy when she gets taller. Arms were up, screaming her head off. Such a proud moment. We ended the night with a fish fry at Wayside. yummmmmmm

Saturday - a blur... what did we do? Oh yeah.. Erin was shuffled off to Grandmas for a few hours while Tim and I had a 'Date'... well, if you want to call it that. We went to the mall to exchange some shorts, I talked to Julie as Tim hunted for shorts and then off to see TRANSFORMERS. It was remarkably good.

Sunday - More good news.. my Brother is getting married to a wonderful woman. YEAHH!! after that, I blocked out the rest of the day. I know I was dreading Monday morning.

I need like 2 days of not having the Kid around to do what I need and actually sleep. I am so sick of Kid shows, I want to throw the TV out. When does school start?????????