Monday, April 30, 2007

Clean Bathroom

I left for VA last week... uneventful trip so thus the reason for no blog. I was home Friday morning around 12:30 AM and back at work at 9. The only thing of note - I watched JESUS CAMP and I'm terrified.

But I do want to mention that Mr. Clean Extra Power Multi-Surface spray TOTALLY ROCKS! I have a soap scum issue and well.. its gone now. Not to mention the kick ass pink and purple bottle. Spray, wait, scrub just a little and No More yuck!

Friday, April 20, 2007


It was a nice day and dry so Kid and I went to the playground. Two young girls were there playing, about the Kid's age so she felt the need to play with them. No problems here. Instant friendship. A 4, 5 and 7 year old playing. Normal picture in my book. But it struck me as hopeful... the 2 little girls were African-American. The Kid has no concept of racism. Only if someone is being mean or not playing nice.

So the 4 of played... I pushed them on the swings, went on the slide and played Pirate on the spinning Crows Nest.

After 30 min (10 of which were trying to the Kid to leave), we said our good-byes and walked home. Being still light and somewhat warm, the Kid didn't want to go home. I didn't blame her so she suggested a walk. Instead of our usual Left turn at the corner, she wanted to go right. As we walked, the Kid saw her 2 new friends running to her. They lived on the corner. No mom in sight, no older sibling in sight... what the hell?!

These 3 little girls have no concept of Stranger Danger or deceit. The Kid wanted to go in and see the girls room. The girls had no problem walking away with me to join us on our walk. I stopped it there. I made the girls go ask their mom, I introduced myself and said we'd be back in like 15 min. The mom was like, whatever and the girls joined us. I have mixed emotions about this - 1) Society has lost its sense of the Neighborhood due to fear. 2) The girls and the kid had no concept of STRANGER DANGER. 3) Would I let someone take my kid for a walk? No. I wouldn't. I had plan B all set if the mom said no. I can pull off the Mom Cover story in a heartbeat. But this mom said yes. I'm unsettled by this - we'll stick to playing at the playground. No more walks or house visits. I guess I've lost my trust too.

Goddess Alert!

Happiness- Linda Carter made a guest appearance on Smallville. I caught the end of it. She was not Wonder Woman but Chloe's mom. She was still had super powers.

Linda Carter - you are a goddess.


The kid loves the Sabres. Yes.. she's 4 and likes Hockey. Now, to what degree, I don't know. Her preschool teacher is a HUGE fan and they do a Sabre's cheer at school on Game days. But last night, I was flipping channels and the Pittsburg/Ottawa game was on. Kid said 'STOP! Hockey is on". So I did.

I explained the game to her and she got to the idea. She lasted about 15 minutes of the game. Pretty good for a 4 year old. She kept wanting to yell "GOAL!" . I kept wanting to yell "FIGHT!"

Maybe cable will be in order.. damn.

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

some things just shouldn't be

Good lord! What the hell! A poo and pee plush toy? for what reason? I thought the whole idea was to remove said yuck from the body... not make it cute! They even have tee-shirts and socks with the "characters" on it (I'll use that term loosely). What's next? I'm just not going to go there...

The Landlord

Wrong in so many ways but so freaking funny!

Monday, April 16, 2007


A lot has happened in the last few weeks. And strangely, I've had no desire to write about it. Even today - I'm home with a pukey 4 year old and I'm feeling kind of crappy myself. When kids get sick, the government should provide HAZMAT suits. So lets review

The weather is no where near spring. Snow and cold....
My father in law was hospitalized and is now home.
My daughter is now over her fear of dogs, as long as they are quiet.
I can make a dress for the kid
Chuck E Cheese is ok as long as hubby is there (panic attack with a zillion kids around not good)
My best friend is coming in for 2 weeks
I get vacation days in Dec and July.. thats about it
My house is still a toy disaster
I hate Ants

Yeah -- fun filled huh?
If ya'll excuse me, I'm going to find some more drugs for me...