Sunday, February 18, 2007

Home at last

I've been away since Sunday for a corporate training event. 5 days of technical training and meetings in Fairfax, VA. Some observations from the week...

  • VA has NO idea how to deal with Winter weather
  • Closing the county VA schools for 4 days for 1 inch of snow and some ice is a joke
  • Eating out for 6 days is not good for the digestive system
  • Dullas Airport is too freaking big to keep track of a group of 10
  • My luggage made it home on time and with me.
  • My flight left before the flight before us that the team tried to get on standby ( Haha)
  • I remember why I don't go to lunch with some people I work with
  • Big Bowl is fantastic
  • Cheesecake factory is OK
  • Drinking with those you work with can be dangerous
  • NEVERLOST is kewl when they know the left from the right
  • I've been on route 66
  • Breakfast buffets that cost $16 should be be burnt and hard as a rock.

I'm glad to be home.

Monday, February 05, 2007


I was desperate. Yes... its 10 degrees ( -10 with the wind). I needed bread, dinner and milk. I needed a haircut. So, I took my hour lunch at 1:30 and took the kid to the salon. Now, I can hear it "She's not even 4!". But can a preschooler make conversation with the stylist, follow directions and not wiggle while she's getting her bangs cut? MINE CAN!

Erin is FANTASTIC when I take her to get her hair cut. She sits and listens and strikes up a conversation like any blue haired regular. I HAVE A GIRLY GIRL! She was in one chair and I was in the other. She's talking to me and the girls and didn't freak when I went to get my fair cut.

So $30 later plus tip, my daughter is primped and beautiful. Wait.. that didn't sound right. That was for the both of us. Not bad actually. $22 for me and $8 for her.

Mothers for Social Drinking

I found this blog about the new debate about Moms who have an ocassional drink at a playdate. I have NO problem with it. I've done it! Lil and I will crack a bottle of wine and have a glass. Or make Special Coffee. Is it any different than going to a family party or out to dinner and having a drink? No. I have been drinking long enough to know my limit. And yes, I make sure I'm good and sober before I get the Kid in the car. and its not like I do it everyday. Please!

The TIMES also had something to say in Cosmopolitan Moms

Drinking is not bad. And I'll be damn sure that the Kids are well aware of that. She's Irish and Polish... need I say more?