Monday, August 08, 2011

A girl and her goats

This is as close to living on a farm as she's gonna get. Petting zoo. But she loved the goats.
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I am finally getting around looking at my photos from the summer. Not many but a few stand out. This one is from our trip to Fanstasy Island. Spot my kid in this picture.... go ahead.. can you guess which one it is???
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Saturday, August 06, 2011

she may be only 8.....

but she's still my baby.  And my baby is wearing a bra.  yep.  We, well I got her some sports bras and 3 wasn't enough.  So today, I went to Target and got her some more.$6.99 for 2.  Why can't mine be that cheap?? I looked at the one set and it turns out its a "regular" bra, not a sports bra.
And too boot, I didn't take her with me for these ones.  No big fan fair... no big to do.  Have I scarred her for not commemorating this rite of passage??  Not giving her the opportunity to pick it out?  Am I a horrible mother??????  

At least she likes them...

Friday, August 05, 2011

bumps and bruises

Wise words from our Pediatrician ring in my ears every time Erin comes to me with a bruise from playing outside.  He loves to see kids come in for their check-ups bruised, bug-bitten and smelling like summer because it means they are OUTSIDE playing.  DOING THINGS.......  and not held up in the house playing video games all summer long. (the smelling like summer part was me because I love the smell of sunscreen and chlorine on kids).

I boot my kid out of the house as often as I can.  It was raining one evening when I told her she could go.  She peeked her head out the door then stood on the stoop.  I saw her raise her leg outside of the awning to see how hard it was raining.  I heard the door close and she scampered to her room.  "I need a sweatshirt. Its raining." Off she disappeared in a sweatshirt and baseball cap.  She won't melt.  She loves the rain.

So our latest bruises are from Soccer this week.  At practice she took a ball to the face.  Owwww.  Then she turned into her one coach's hand and was whacked across the face.  I saw the whole thing.... it was comical.  Hoping that would be it...  I was wrong.  At the game last night, she was tripped and landed flat.  Face down.  I could feel it.  She got right up and brushed herself off.  No tears.  Then she was limping.  I could tell she was trying to walk it off but no luck.  After being carried off the field by Coach, we iced her leg.  She pulled her Achilles tendon.

Ace bandages are my friend.  We wrapped her ankle today and I sent her off to camp.  I can only hope she comes home with no more injuries today.

Thursday, August 04, 2011

hot hot hot

This is the expected temps next week in Vegas.  

So...  frosty alcoholic drink in hand???  got it....

car update

Well.. apparently it was the back break pads.  We're keeping watch (well listening) to see if they start again.

Tuesday, August 02, 2011

car fail

I had brought my car in last month for an oil change and inspection.  Some things were fixed and I was sent on my way.  Then a noise appeared.  We took it in yesterday to the dealer of all places.  Sure enough, problem was found and fixed.

This morning, I handed over my credit card yet again, grabbed my keys and went to work.  No sound.  Good.  Here's where the story should end.  It doesn't.

I had to get Erin from camp early (she didn't feel well).  And there it was.. the same bloody noise as before.  What the hell!!!!!  After 2 messages to the mechanic's office, I get him on the phone.  He was pissed as well.  As he should be.  If the guys didn't do what they should of, it makes him look bad.  He puts his trust in these guys to FIX the cars.  All I want is the problem to be fixed.  Simple.

Now I have to go back in tomorrow morning at 7:30 am to drop the car off and demo the noise for the mechanic who did the work.  Cross your fingers kids....  more to come.

Teeny update

For those following the Hamster Drama...  Teeny is doing well.  I'll recap.
Friday, Steve died.  He's laid to rest in our back yard.
Friday 1pm - Teeny, a smaller version of Steve was purchased and given a forever home.
Friday 2pm- he bite me.
Saturday - Sunday - convincing Teeny that hanging out against the cage behind the wheel was not a good idea (sort of looked like a scene from Mission Impossible).
Today - Teeny has gathered up enough courage to come out of the cage via the gate and will come to me.  Now, this is not unusual.  Hamsters do that.  But, the cats were sitting there meowing at me to feed them.  Teeny wouldn't move and stared at them.  I closed the gate, feed the cats and returned to the cage.  Teeny nearly jumped out and landed in my hand.

He seems to like me best... i'll rephrase that.  He's most comfortable with me.  I'm okay with that.. but he needs to get used to the rest of the people in the house.   Patience.. I know.  But he sure is cute.

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