Saturday, November 17, 2007

Holidays and a 4 year old

Its like 5 days before Thanksgiving and of course, the streets have the Christmas banners, stores are decorated and some TV shopping shows are totally decorated for Christmas. I stopped on one this morning to see what they were pitching.

"Mom, its not even Thanksgiving! They can't do that! They have to wait until AFTER Thanksgiving." says the 4 year old bright eyed and bushy tailed at 7:30 AM.

"can't do what?" says I half asleep on the chair next to her.

"They decorated for Christmas! Its too early. They HAVE to wait for AFTER Thanksgiving" she says will all the power of an attorney.

Wow I thought. The 4 year old who declares "I want that for Christmas" with every toy ad on TV has observed the simple fact that its just too damn early for Christmas marketing. She's so smart.

Now I have to admit something. Friday I WANTED to hear Holiday music. Like Bing or Julie Andrews.. the stuff I grew up on thanks to my Mom and Dad. Well, mostly Dad who listened to WJYE on the way home from Grandma's house every Saturday or Sunday. They played the ''classics" from the 50's all the time and at Christmas played tons of Holiday music. It was cold and snowed a bit (not sticking but flakes were visible). I wanted to hear Christmas music. With some luck, I found a Best Of Bing CD in the car and it had 3 songs on it. I cried for some reason.

Friday, November 09, 2007

Blogging for Dollars

You may have seen the PayPerPost banner on the side. Yes, I joined the ranks and I actually like it. You heard me. I want to get paid for the time I spend reading the web :)

I found PayPerPost through one of the guys I work with who mentioned different types of WebAdvertising and I was curious. Get paid to blog about stuff? You have got to be kidding!!!So you mean I could actually make money from visiting other sites and if I like it and give a good review, I’d get paid? NO WAY!

It’s all true. I don't have to blog about everything and anything (I'm particular). I can pick and choose from what I want to review and if I don't see one I like, I wait a few days. I find some pretty interesting links and what is the best way to spread the word about new products? Word of Mouth.And I represent a pretty important consumer base – A thirthsomething female with a full time job who happens to be a wife, daughter, friend and a Mom of a pre-schooler .If I can help other Mom’s in my place find a good place to save money or get help, I plan on telling everyone I know .Thank you PayPerPost!

Adventures with Teddy

One of the rewards in class is being able to take home Teddy fir the weekend. We have to journal what we did with Teddy and his adventures are shared with the class. So far, Teddy has

1) Went through a car wash

2) Went to Subway for Lunch

3) took a nap in the car

Now, Erin and Teddy are getting ready for a sleepover at Tommy's. More adventures to come!

Thursday, November 01, 2007

Let the Shopping Begin!!

Now that Halloween is over, Christmas has taken over my mind this year. Forget Thanksgiving. I want to get my shopping done now. Granted, we are about 50% done (thanks Honey!!) but I still have several people to buy for.

The ultimate questions looms over my head "You have Friday Nov. 23 off..... do I want to go shopping??"

Maybe. Yes, I said maybe. The last few years I got screwed out of some really good deals because I waited to go shopping. I could have saved a lot but I hate Black Friday. I used to work in the mall and I know the pain. BUT, I never had a plan. Just before we had the kid, we actually braved the crowds and my god!!! We got a really good sale at BestBuy on a PC Monitor. The problem was my plan was made that morning. I don't have that kind of spontaneity. I need a battle plan for the thanksgiving ads that disappear with 4 year old in the house. And do I really want to brave the stores? SHOP ONLINE!!!! Yes.... make them bring it to me. It may be snowing and I hate shopping wearing the winter gear.

Now all I need to do make sure I know WHAT I'm getting before the sales start.. hmmmm..... where is the Big Toy Book


Happy Halloween from Us to you!
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