Saturday, December 31, 2011

happy new year

Sometimes life throws you a curve ball. Every year for the last say 6 years we have celebrated New Years with Tim's Sister and the family.  Now, everyone needs a year off so we're on our own this year.  Not a problem in the slightest. 

We originally were going to see friends this year.  Notice the past tense.  I have a sinus infection that has moved to my chest.  My head is killing me and my throat is screaming.  But I have the bestest Husband in the universe.  He got us seafood for dinner. And summer sausage.  He's the best. 

So its movie night for us and i'm sure Tim will be taking bets to see how long I last.  

Happy New Year everyone.  Stay safe... 

Thursday, December 22, 2011


I just love this shot of her in the Poinsettia room. The colors were fantastic.
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I opted to do something differnet this year. For the last 10 years or so, I have made a Polish Coffee cake for every sibling family on my husbands side.. and then some. Thats a lot of coffee cake if you know our family. Well, this year I couldn't do it. I have been seeing the salt dough ornaments all over the internets (yeah, thank you Pintrest) and I thought "Why not?".

Oddly, it's harder than it looks. The dough was sticky. It didn't roll right and drove me batty.

But I managed to make it work somehow. I have 3 designs overall (the last batch I had the worst time with so I got creative).

#1 is a Celtic Cross
#2 is a Celtic square
#3 is a dove of peace with a star.
I didn't count how many I cut, stamped, dryed and modpodged. But they are done.

Here's the recipe I used
2 cups flour
1 cup salt
1 cup water

Mix together. Roll out as best you can. I did it on parchment paper first then switched to wax when I ran out and knew the oven wouldn't be an option to dry them. You can toss them in the over for a couple of hours (depending on thickness) at around 200 degrees F once you have the cut out, stamped, whatever. Make sure you put a hole in it so you can run string or a ribbon through it.

I did use ink for my stamped ones. I had a nice black in that worked the best. I tried red and green - horrible. The cheap gold one I had worked ok too. In a different batch, erin and i painted them with water color after they dried.

Overall, I like them. I think I need a different mixture. I just hope the family likes them. Erin and I worked hard on them.
anyways.. Merry Christmas kids...
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a year in the making

I started this quilt last in 201o. I was almost done with it by Christmas 201o. All that needed to be done was the binding. It was bought and I started pinning it. And there it sat. Until this past week. I finished the bloody thing finally. Its really simple. 12 flats connected. Thats it. Nothing fancy. I wanted to see if I could do it. And I did. It sure does add color to the room. I made a pillow as well from the sheets I used to make curtains (flannel snowflakes - red and blue). I am pleased with it. Its not perfect but thats ok. It will keep us warm none the less.
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I took the girls to the Botanical Gardens.. really it was for me. I wanted a nice shot of the Poinsettia plants they have. I have never seen the display there. It was so pretty. I need to keep it in mind next year when I want to take a family photo.

Friday, December 16, 2011

Our Tree

Erin picks the tree out every year.. just because she's really good at it.
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stress during the holidays? Noooooo

I'm lying of course.  I had promised myself this year I wouldn't let the normal Holiday stress get to me.  With 2 families, a group of friends and a strict budget, things have been .. well.. stressful.
1) I lost a good 10 days due to a commitment with my hobby.  I'm not saying its bad, but I used those 10 days for that and not baking or making gifts thus putting me behind
2) With as big as a family as we have on my husband's side, there is bound to be some clashing of will and expectations and fighting.  Every year I have made a Polish Coffee cake to give to each family.  I have done this for 10 years.  I am not doing it this year.  Oh, fear not those family members who read my blog.  I will make one for Mom's house so we can enjoy it then.  But no family Placzeks this year my darlins. I expect to get backlash for not doing that this year.
3) We needed to introduce Krampus into the mix this year.  Apparently coal in the stocking didn't shock her enough to staighten her up from this past week attitude fest.  I have known about Krampus for years and I was holding back on it.. now granted there were a few years he could have easily made an appearence but didn't.  Well, this year, I have placed the fear of hell into her.  I know, I know.  But this is a bigger issue with Kids today.. they don't understand that actions have consequences and big ones sometimes.  I grew up knowing that if I messed up, God would be pissed and I was going to Hell.  You do not piss off the Big guy.  So Old School it is...
4) It doesn't LOOK like Chirstmas.  Yes yes, its not about the Snow.. but it makes everything look clean.
5) Back on the family thing - big family = tension.  So many freaking people in one place.  I love that family but boy, its loud and hot and I'll be drinking for sure to keep me sane (mental note - get wine).

On a good note,  I made cookies and fudge.  The cookies came out AWESOME (here's round 1). Cookies. Round 1 on Twitpic  I keep making trips to the kitchen and grabbing one.  That has become my breakfast and lunch.  Diet? Yeah, my doctor just needs to understand this is a minor setback.  Its Christmas for Christ's Sake!

So this weekend is the push to finish a surprise present and make the family gifts.  And find my dining room after the laundry room adventure.  That's a blog another day.  As soon as I charge my camera, i'll show you my new ...oops OUR new toys.

Monday, November 21, 2011

wait for it........

The kid's hives didn't let up all weekend.  Off the doctor's office today to find out ... she has.... wait for it.. hives.

When will they let up?  eventually.
What is the cause?  Dunno.  Could be anything but its likely the Soy milk.
Keep doing what we have been and yes, she can go back to school.

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Sleep dep.....zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

yeah.. so more lack of sleep.  Erin was up most of the night again but at least she threw up finally.  My money is a viral thing which with her would be no surprise.  Some of the kids at school have been sick and Erin volunteered to take a friend's homework home this past week (she lives on the next street over) who has the flu.

Gatorade has been made.... Disney is on. She seems to be in ok spirits but is complaining her stomach hurts.  The hives are calming down so we'll be vegging and napping today.

all nighter

Yep.  awake.  I've been awake on and off all night.  Funny story - 1:40am Erin comes into my room and needs her meds or something.  Tim was still up... on his PC...  she totally walked by him.  To wake me up.

Friday, November 18, 2011

Let the battle begin

Even though she slept most of the afternoon, the hives came back.  Different spots.  And to male matters worse, she's panicking. Knowing what I know about hives, it could a few hours to a few days.  Her stress level is what is causing the repeat bout I think.

So how do you calm an 8 year old?  Not a clue.  

The movie THOR seemed to help (she has a crush on him) and now CAPTAIN AMERICA is in and she fell asleep after her last dose.

Now we plan for a week of sleeping and doses and sleeping.  As long as I get a nap too, I'll be happy.

can't catch a break

the 8 year old is going through a rough bout of life.  First, she's lactose intolerant.  so we constantly have to watch ingredients for milk.  we are learning what she can and can not have and its a hard learning process for her.  repeated trips to the bathroom is not fun.

next, she had her foot stepped on last night by her musical teacher.  that hurt.  then she couldn't sing her favorite christmas song.  she came home in tears.

so we were up most of the night - the complaint of a pulled muscle in her ab (totally possible as she had gym and dance in one day)....  and then the issue to top all others.....  hives.  this is new for us.  she had some breakfast (cheese and pretzels) and broke out into hives.  a quick call to the doctor's office and some benedryl later.. she's asleep. hives are going down. my poor girl.

Saturday, October 22, 2011


Every year, Erin and I go to Blackman Homestead Farms in Cambria.  And every year, I take a picture of Erin picking and eating an apple.

How stinking cute is she!!!!!!

Wednesday, September 28, 2011


Now that I'm working from home, I have a distraction.  The window.  I used to have a window in my old office downtown where we'd keep them open (we weren't supposed to) and let the lake breeze into the office.  I had a wonderful view of City Hall and river.  I could watch some of the ships and barges come through.  We'd watch the storms roll in off the lake.  When the fog would roll in it was horror movie.  The sounds of city were my background noise.


When we moved to the Larkin building, the windows were sealed shut.  I'd get up occasionally and look out.  Just look.  On a windy day, all we could do is watch.

Next me now is the office window.  Quite often there is a cat in it.  Today, its open.  The breeze is coming in and its cool.  Fall cool with a hint of moisture.  There is rain coming.  The chorus of crickets is still singing.  The birds stop by and squabble for a bit then off they fly.  The murder comes and goes.  And I know I'm safe when I hear Burt barking next door.  I know when the kids are home from school when the yelling and games begin.

Its calming to hear the sounds of the neighborhood while I work.  And its nice to breath in normal air.  It may be filled with pollen but I don't care.

Back to work.  The squirrel is yelling at me again.  He's such a task master.

Saturday, September 24, 2011

week one.. DONE!!

I survived!  Working from home is... different.  I start at the same time I did in the office but I some how work longer...  and I still eat lunch in front of the PC...  I really need to stop that.

So this coming week I get the phone installed and along with that a cable upgrade.  I can't wait.   With Halloween coming up, I get to watch the Chiller Channel and Travel Channel....  And SyFy,  WOOOOHOO!

Such a small bit of happiness.  Now for a kid's birthday party and then jaunt to Bemus Point for an event.  Time to get my butt in gear! 

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Day 3

I have survived day 3.  I think its the silence that got to me yesterday.  There wasn't enough background noise.  I am so used to Matt randomly talking to me, I needed something more.  So I plugged in my netbook and played some tunes and had Hulu going in the background.  That worked.

Its odd working from home..  Its totally doable, but weird.

Monday, September 19, 2011

new adventures

Today is the first day of the rest of my work life.  I start working from home.  HOME!  Due to a very large space and not enough bodies, options were weighed and decisions were made.  We are remote now with a collaboration space so we can meet if we need to.

I'm excited.  I don't have to worry about driving in crappy weather or rushing home to make sure I get Erin in time.  Tim helped me with my setup and I am ready to go.  All I need is to get the kiddo on the bus.  Here I come!!

Friday, September 09, 2011

taste test Oat Revolution

I love to try new products.. especially food.  Well, anything really.

Better Oats has a line of oatmeal out that is cool.  I have tried the Maple and Brown Sugar Oat Revolution...  and its yummy. Sweet, which is what I like.  Its not so much the taste I love but the packaging.

The oatmeal bag itself is is measured to 2/3 cup.  THE BAG!!  Pour the oats into a bowl.  Measure the water in the oat bag.  Nuke for 90 seconds.  DONE!  NO MEASURING CUP NEEDED!

How neat is this for the office?  I took a measuring cup in specifically because during the winter I'll bring in oatmeal.

Lets review the taste now.  I just finished my bowl and it was good.  Its better oats and... heartier.  The odd texture to me was the addition of the Flax seed.  You get used to it.    Overall, I'd get this again.  Thank you Better Oats...

Saturday, September 03, 2011

We were walking along the river last Friday night and Erin was in charge of taking pictures. Tim and I were holding hands while we walked and Erin was prancing ahead of us and getting in between us. She snapped this picture after some careful posing.

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sunset on the lake

took these... One reason why I won't move out of the area. The lake, as mean as she can be during the winter, is our saving grace in the summer. The breeze off the lake is best treatment for a hot humid day.

I turned on the Sunset feature on my camera for these next 2. What a different effect.

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Monday, August 08, 2011

A girl and her goats

This is as close to living on a farm as she's gonna get. Petting zoo. But she loved the goats.
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I am finally getting around looking at my photos from the summer. Not many but a few stand out. This one is from our trip to Fanstasy Island. Spot my kid in this picture.... go ahead.. can you guess which one it is???
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Saturday, August 06, 2011

she may be only 8.....

but she's still my baby.  And my baby is wearing a bra.  yep.  We, well I got her some sports bras and 3 wasn't enough.  So today, I went to Target and got her some more.$6.99 for 2.  Why can't mine be that cheap?? I looked at the one set and it turns out its a "regular" bra, not a sports bra.
And too boot, I didn't take her with me for these ones.  No big fan fair... no big to do.  Have I scarred her for not commemorating this rite of passage??  Not giving her the opportunity to pick it out?  Am I a horrible mother??????  

At least she likes them...

Friday, August 05, 2011

bumps and bruises

Wise words from our Pediatrician ring in my ears every time Erin comes to me with a bruise from playing outside.  He loves to see kids come in for their check-ups bruised, bug-bitten and smelling like summer because it means they are OUTSIDE playing.  DOING THINGS.......  and not held up in the house playing video games all summer long. (the smelling like summer part was me because I love the smell of sunscreen and chlorine on kids).

I boot my kid out of the house as often as I can.  It was raining one evening when I told her she could go.  She peeked her head out the door then stood on the stoop.  I saw her raise her leg outside of the awning to see how hard it was raining.  I heard the door close and she scampered to her room.  "I need a sweatshirt. Its raining." Off she disappeared in a sweatshirt and baseball cap.  She won't melt.  She loves the rain.

So our latest bruises are from Soccer this week.  At practice she took a ball to the face.  Owwww.  Then she turned into her one coach's hand and was whacked across the face.  I saw the whole thing.... it was comical.  Hoping that would be it...  I was wrong.  At the game last night, she was tripped and landed flat.  Face down.  I could feel it.  She got right up and brushed herself off.  No tears.  Then she was limping.  I could tell she was trying to walk it off but no luck.  After being carried off the field by Coach, we iced her leg.  She pulled her Achilles tendon.

Ace bandages are my friend.  We wrapped her ankle today and I sent her off to camp.  I can only hope she comes home with no more injuries today.

Thursday, August 04, 2011

hot hot hot

This is the expected temps next week in Vegas.  

So...  frosty alcoholic drink in hand???  got it....

car update

Well.. apparently it was the back break pads.  We're keeping watch (well listening) to see if they start again.

Tuesday, August 02, 2011

car fail

I had brought my car in last month for an oil change and inspection.  Some things were fixed and I was sent on my way.  Then a noise appeared.  We took it in yesterday to the dealer of all places.  Sure enough, problem was found and fixed.

This morning, I handed over my credit card yet again, grabbed my keys and went to work.  No sound.  Good.  Here's where the story should end.  It doesn't.

I had to get Erin from camp early (she didn't feel well).  And there it was.. the same bloody noise as before.  What the hell!!!!!  After 2 messages to the mechanic's office, I get him on the phone.  He was pissed as well.  As he should be.  If the guys didn't do what they should of, it makes him look bad.  He puts his trust in these guys to FIX the cars.  All I want is the problem to be fixed.  Simple.

Now I have to go back in tomorrow morning at 7:30 am to drop the car off and demo the noise for the mechanic who did the work.  Cross your fingers kids....  more to come.

Teeny update

For those following the Hamster Drama...  Teeny is doing well.  I'll recap.
Friday, Steve died.  He's laid to rest in our back yard.
Friday 1pm - Teeny, a smaller version of Steve was purchased and given a forever home.
Friday 2pm- he bite me.
Saturday - Sunday - convincing Teeny that hanging out against the cage behind the wheel was not a good idea (sort of looked like a scene from Mission Impossible).
Today - Teeny has gathered up enough courage to come out of the cage via the gate and will come to me.  Now, this is not unusual.  Hamsters do that.  But, the cats were sitting there meowing at me to feed them.  Teeny wouldn't move and stared at them.  I closed the gate, feed the cats and returned to the cage.  Teeny nearly jumped out and landed in my hand.

He seems to like me best... i'll rephrase that.  He's most comfortable with me.  I'm okay with that.. but he needs to get used to the rest of the people in the house.   Patience.. I know.  But he sure is cute.

New friend... Teeny on Twitpic

Sunday, July 31, 2011

yes, i am insane

Its hot out.. humid to be exact. Cooking is something that should be outside or by someone else where you don't have to do any dishes (aka takeout).  What did I do?    Made Kielbasa and potato noodles....  stood in front of the range for who knows how long.  I'm pooped!  What freaking possessed me to do that??  I have no idea.  Really.  I could have easily made Tim grill something.  Or had Ice Cream for dinner.

I'm going to give myself a time out now.

Date Night

Date nite!!!! on Twitpic
Date night for us married folks is few and far between.  Who would have thought that we'd need to schedule time to be able to have dinner by ourselves... oh yeah. We have a kid.

The introduction of another human complicates the time we need to spend together as a married couple. And I'm simply talking about being able to spend some time together, minus a child, to eat and drink, talk about adult topics, giggle about adult things with having to explain what they mean in a G version and watch a scary movie and drink some more.
Now don't get me wrong.  I love my kid.  She's awesome! But I am a firm believer that a marriage can only be sustained when the spouses have some time to be together. Get back to WHY they got married in the first place.

Share photos on twitter with TwitpicSo last night the kid spent the night at a friend's house..  she's at that age where it will be happening more and more.  The  husband and I went to Duffs for dinner....had a few drinks...  discussed our upcoming trip.  We then headed over to Borders to pick up some reading material for the plane ride...  then Ice Cream. No, Tim didn't eat 2..  one is mine and I couldn't finish it.  Then we made an exciting trip to the pet store.. ooooooooohhhhhhhhhhh.. so adult.  I know.  We needed some cat food and treat for the new hamster.  Some kitteh viewing was in order.

Then we went home....  oooooohhhhh.. exciting. Well, he made one more trip for vodka so we could have Vodka Tea while we watched a scary movie.     That's Date Night...   And after nearly 10 years of marriage and 14 years of being with my best friend,  I had a wonderful time. Now we are off to mass to get the kid...  and life resumes.  

Friday, July 29, 2011

goodbye friend

Today we had to say goodbye to Steve, Erin's hamster.  He was a sweet guy and a bit daring.  We found him this morning unresponsive and we did all that we could to keep him with us.

Steve is now resting in the big Wheel in the sky.  Erin wanted to bury him in the backyard.  He's under an American flag stone, has an army dude to watch over him, a carrot and Cherry tomato.

Goodbye friend.  we love you

Monday, July 04, 2011

summer stuff.. so far

here I thought summer was supposed to be fun and memorable..  I'm damn exhausted!  Its July 4 at 11pm. It sounds like a fire fight is going on outside.  Well, what I'd imagine it would sound like..  So much for fireworks in NYS being illegal....hahahhahah!

We just got back from visiting friends for a few hours.. talking about "the good old days", swimming, playing board games.. I am burnt.  But it was nice to see friends.  Next weekend is another family party... and thats the last one for the summer.  Then its a friend's picnic, maybe fantasy island then our trip to Vegas....  then VA and maybe TX (the VA and TX trips are me.. for work..woohoo!).

yeah.. i lost where I was going with this one so since I can't keep a thought in my head, I'm gonna not even try.  Happy 4th peoples... enjoy your days...

Saturday, June 25, 2011


This year I celebrate 10 years of marriage to my husband... my best friend.  I am honored to have the right and privilege to spend my life- good and bad- with the person I love.

Now.. my friends have the same right.  NYS passed a law that allows same sexed couples to be married. I am happy.  I am thrilled!  But this makes me sad at the same time.  Sad because it too so long.  Sad because I have friends who are upset with the decision because of religious beliefs.   Sad that we had to grant the right to marriage...

I'm going to go on a rant now so if you think you will be offended in any way, now is your chance to stop reading.

Still with me.. good.
I believe that love transcends gender.  Love can exist between Man and Woman, Man and Man, Woman and Woman, Man and 2 women, Woman and 2 Men.. .. etc.  The Judeo-Christian ideal is not Universal.  There are other cultural ideals that exist in this world that we in the west disregard because it goes against our beliefs.  I studied cultural differences for 4 years in college and I still study it today.  Who am I to say what a couple in another country, with a different religion with a different set of values are right?  As long as all parties involved with the marriage are in agreement... no one was forced or underage.... lets be smart about it kids..  why should I care if there are 2 wives and 1 husband?  Why should I care if there are 2 women who love each other as much as I love my husband?  ITS LOVE!  Would I marry someone of the same sex? No. I like boys.  But I know lots of people of who will now be planning weddings and I am thrilled to be able to celebrate their love with them.

Monday, June 20, 2011

almost summer

For years my Mom has tried to get me to eat Strawberries...  She wins.  These are beauties I have been munching on ....
They are grown local in Eden NY.  They are about the sweetest and juiciest strawberries you will ever find.

All I did was clean them, cut the tops off and sprinkle some sugar on it.  Yes, I know.  Why bother?  Because  it helps deal with the texture issue I have with Strawberries.  Hey, I'm eating them.

Now don't go and expect me to eat Strawberry preserves or jam...  no.  There is a texture issue at work here kids.  Again.. BE HAPPY THAT I WILL EAT THEM WHOLE!

Thursday, June 09, 2011


I made Rice Krispie treats last night for a work lunch today.  This happens to be Erin's favorite treat for the moment.  But it has to be mine since I add more marshmallows and its softer.  Lack of teeth and hard food = trouble.

So I gave her a piece this morning as a treat like you should because its my birthday week.  She turns to me and asks "Mom, what are marshmallows made of?"
My response - "Good question.. lets look"... in other words, to the cloud (teehee).

I look up the ingredients to confirm and I start reading them off.  I pause and say gelatin.
"Whats that?"

I braced myself for the outcome I foresaw - the spitting out of whatever was in her mouth.
"Well, gelatin comes from animal skin and bones... "pause.. no response.
She keeps eating
"You know how we are supposed to use as much of an animal as possible?" I say
"Like the Sioux and Powhatan Indians used the buffalo and deer" she responds.
"Yes, exactly"
"So thats why that lady at the party couldn't eat the Igor Bars right? Because she was a vegetarian?" says the 8 year old with marshmallow hanging off her chin.
"You got it."
This next statement make me laugh... "I don't care where it comes from, just as long as it tastes good".

out of the mouths of babes....

Tuesday, June 07, 2011

God only gives you what you can handle

Its been a long long week.  So I apologize for the lack of updates and nifty photos.  First off, it was rehearsal week for the kiddo's dance performance.  They did Ease on Down the Road and she was Dorothy.    This consisted of a full costume/makeup rehearsal in studio on Wednesday, Tech rehearsal on Thursday and full show rehearsal on Friday.  The show was Saturday - we were there from 3pm till 10:30 or so. Yes.. it was a long show...  We had some technical issues which caused a delay but oh well.

Here's my girl in full costume with the Scarecrow and Lion.. and "Toto"..  well SoCo... The TinGirl was off getting oiled :)

She had a real dog to call out at the end of the show.

On top of the wonderful performance, she was awarded Most Dramatic.. so I foresee Musical Theatre classes for next year.

To make it even better.. my niece was also in the show (her first!) and she kicked butt despite running into the scenery due to lack of vision.  I am so proud of my girls for a great year.

On a sad note we had a family loss this week.  Its going to be rough for those involved but things will get better.  This was looming over us this week as well.  The question was how to tell an 8 year old a baby has died before her due date?  She took it well as she was more concerned for the mother... who has 2 children at home.  It was amazing to hear her rationale.. she was sad yes, but not in the way I thought she'd be.  She understood why it happened and the medical side and clearly stated her reason for the emotion.  And that was it... nothing else was said.  Death and being 8 is funny business.

With that, we venture forward and hope that time heals the wounds for everyone.  At least a little.  This week we see if the kid needs glasses (I suspect so), soccer starts this week and I have to plan a meal for 30 people.  And I turn 36. Time marches on and I'm learning to take it in stride.  Now, if it will stop raining, I'll feel better for the weekend (is it too much to ask?).

Monday, May 30, 2011

This is my memorial day. A good book, patio and wine. Yeah.. No rain. Sunshine. A good day to be outside and get burned.

Friday, May 20, 2011

lack of wisdom

At the age of 35, I had my only wisdom tooth removed.  It was fine.. not impacted at all and still not 100% erupted. My last cleaning was when it cracked.  Just the corner of it which causes issues when eating.  It wasn't possible to fill it since it wasn't in all the way.  The only option was to pull it.

So today I had it pulled.  No heavy meds... I was awake.  3 shots of Novicaine.  Thats it.  Fortunately, the tooth came out in one piece.  And I felt it all.  This didn't bother me so much as I've 2 other molars pulled.  It was the fact I needed one stitch.  One.  Watching him sew it up and feeling it...  EEWWWWWW!!!!!

Now I am sitting here in pain.  Its been about 4 hours and the Novicaine has worn off.  I feel the 3 shot spots.  My jaw is sore, my gum is killing me.  I'd hate to see what it felt like without the Hydrocodone.  Hell,  even walking hurts... the jarring pressure rattles that spot and it feels like someone is poking it.

I kept the tooth.  I wonder the Adult rate is for a tooth?  If my kid gets $1... I should get at least.. what... $20???

Saturday, May 14, 2011

so worth it

I went to the salon today.. felt cruddy and blue so I thought I'd get my hair cut.  Its so thick, 4 week worth of growth is noticeable.  If you recall, I went to Super Cuts...  yeah.. never again. The care and attention to my hair is soooo much better when I go to Cortos.  Grated, it costs $24 for a cut but my hair looks so much better!!

So Thank You Jenny the stylist in the back -- you did a great job.  Not only did you cut my hair wonderfully, you remember my kid.  And that means a lot to me.  You gave me my sassy back.

How a Watch means Freedom

I posted this to Free Range Kids..  because I believe Kids should have freedom

My 8 year old daughter is one of a few kids in the neighborhood.  We're a "city" residential area so the streets are connected.  There are 2 girls her age on the street and one on the street behind.  Its spring.  I don't want them in the house...  so I kicked them out.  Here we have 4 maybe 6 girls in the house.  It makes my head hurt. They were even bored.  So I made my kid a deal.  If she has a watch on she can go.  No watch, no leaving the yard.  Go to the other kid's house, go to the park (its around the corner and just behind her one friend's house).... GO!  Be home at whatever time I say (dinner, street lights.. whatever).  She knows the rules and did get me when there was a problem.  She looks both ways to cross the street (several times in fact) and asks to pet a dog. They are even trying to dig to China from what I hear... and open a bug exhibit.  

I trust her in this small radius as she's 8.  Its a big step for her.  I used to run around our street when I was her age.  As long as she checks in.. we're good.   Kids should be kids.

Monday, May 09, 2011


I wish teenagers had manners.  I know.. its an impossible request.  All I ask is that if you decide to goof off and be stoopid,....  1) watch your language  2)make sure there are no little kids around and 3) if there are little ones (meaning younger than you) then STOP.

Now is the time when the kids are out.  I totally understand wanting to be funny and horse around with your friends and show off your "style and manliness".. but really.. KNOCK IT OFF!!!!!!

mmmmrrrrr...Mama Bear will make an appearance...

nice night

I couldn't resist sitting outside when we came home from dance pictures.  It was so nice..  so I grabbed my stuff I need for tomorrow and a glass of wine and got to work.  So with the medallions done, I grabbed a cup of coffee to chill.  The kid is off with her friends across the street.  I foresee many hours this summer without my kid. I'm not complaining. She needs to be with kids her age.  Go!! Be a kid!! Please...

So here is my garden.. and me.  I'm proud of my little patch of land.  Its onions, cucumbers, lettuce, red and banana peppers and tomatoes. Some oregano, rosemary and lavender for spice.. if my basil takes, we'll have that too.

Yes, there is a grape vine behind me.  It is an evil grape vine.  I did not plant it... it was here when we moved in and has a mind of its own.  I have tired to cut it back some (not all as its a nice blocker from the neighbors behind me) but it comes back bigger each year.  And what makes it worse is that the grapes are not edible. They are a wild concord and fit for animals only.  Damn.. If they were the big ones, I would pick them then ship them to my sister in law to make jam.  

See.. cute!  Got my potting soil with said needed nutrients and those little suckers better grow. I'm counting on the tomatoes and lettuce.. and cucs too.  

So here I sit enjoying my little piece of heaven...  with coffee as the breeze has set in off the lake.  The only problem is that I get a nice sun in the afternoon but as soon as the sun starts to set, my backyard is cold.  No light at all.  

Cup from Lil.. and coffee from the hubby (for Mother's day, I got a Kuerig maker).  Time to go in.. not warm enough outside without a fire... sadly something we don't have.  

Saturday, May 07, 2011


this is my garden that the girls took over.  I'm not sure what going on.  They were looking for bugs before dinner.  After all was said and done,  Tim tells me to check out my hard work.  Yeah, sort of looks like a grave huh??

This is what I get for leaving a 7, 8 and 9 year old out side.  Isn't it grand?  My kid has been outside all day.  At one friends house, then off to another around the corner, then back out after dinner...  I'm glad she has a watch.   Maybe she'll sleep...

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

botanical gardens

Last day of Spring Break. Oh where did it go? Today's adventure was the Botanical Gardens. In a thunderstorm. With 2 frightened girls. They survived and even liked the place.

This is my favorite picture..  I love the colors

Chilling at the Koi pond

Posing on the little bridge
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Monday, April 25, 2011

to your corners

Spring Break for us is 7 "business days"... add the weekends and you get a very very long time.  I was home for it this year and well,..  I need a vacation from my vacation.  Don't get me wrong..I love my daughter more than anything.  But I need to not be in the same room as her for a bit.

We had my niece over and we watched a friends 3 year old as well.  The zoo and the science museum were in order as it was nice the morning and rainy later.  I think E and I fought most of the time.  Its the whining and the statements of "I'm not whining!" that are driving me up the wall.

So one more day...  and back to school.  And back to work.

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Wednesday, April 20, 2011


I am lacking in the motivation to move today.  I have a list of stuff to do that really needs to get done...  I don't want to move from my spot. Its cold and rainy.  But I know I should get a move on it. Dishes need to be done, laundry put away, Easter Candy needs to be bought (thats going to be the hard one as I really need a piece right now), cans and bottles taken in, munchies to buy for next  week, clean the kitchen, clean the bathroom, clean the  remaining bits in the family room...  in no particular order.

Yes, yes, yes,.  I should have listened to my Mother and made sure this didn't happen in the first place.  So I need to get off my butt (and the computer) and do something.

What motivates you to clean??

Tuesday, April 19, 2011


This the view you see when you stand on the Rotary Ice Rink downtown. The reflection of the building in the other building is one of my favorite views.
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i should run

I am thinking I should be running and not posing with a TRex behind me.. but no.. its a photo-op! Erin on the other hand has a look of concern on her face. At least my purse looks fabulous.
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