Wednesday, October 28, 2009

just to note

rain, gloomy days, depression and ho hos are not a good mix. just saying....

Sunday, October 25, 2009

in search of free fabric scraps

In the ever eternal quest to save money, I refuse to spend money on clothes for me, my kid or her dolls. More so, her dolls. I will gladly make the child a Halloween costume and not buy it.
The cost for this was about $15 for the dress as opposed to the $30+ I'd pay at a store. The tights were extra and can be worn whenever (yes, she will, i know my kid). Not bad.. its cute and bright and whimsical.

So, for Christmas, I want to expand the doll clothes collection. I have the patterns but little fabric that is current. I have enough to do a patch work skirt and a halloween costume. I'd like to make some period clothes for her Elizabeth doll ( I found the patterns) but I'm lacking fabric.

Anyone have scraps of fabric they want to part with?

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

she tried

Erin has been on a "I can braid" kick. She tried to do her own hair. This is what the outcome was. Not bad if you ask me. I did have to redo it but I soon won't have to do her hair at this rate.
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Baby Cakes

Saturday was Mary and Barb's baby Shower for Grace. I was honored to make the cake. Its a 3 tier pound cake with white frosting. I used Mom and Dad's recipes and it came out tasty. The frosting didn't come out as smooth and I need to play with the frosting a bit but overall, it was good.

Would I do it again? Not this big but maybe for Erin or Tim's birthday.
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Pumpkin Tim

A few weekends ago Erin and I went apple picking at Blackman Farms. I adore this farm. They have wonderful pumpkins, great apple trees and a small area for the kids to run. Its a FARM... with real animals. You can even get a real turkey or side of cow. This picture is of the pumpkins.. they are PERFECT pumpkins. Thank you Blackman farms.
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