Sunday, May 26, 2013

All I got in VA was this damned cold...

I spent the week in VA for work and came home with a new laptop and  cold.  I feel like crap.  Everywhere else I have gone I haven't any issue...  but VA.. every single time.  Sick.  Doesn't matter the airline either.

So today I send the kid off to a friend's house for the night and enjoy some adult time with my hubby and friends.  Cider is in order most certainly and a box of tissues.

Thursday, May 09, 2013

Recap and lots of Stess

We survived Ohio.  Barely.  I had a wonderful time with my Mom, Husband and kid.
I got my mom drinking :)  Hung out in a hot tub with my friends and drank.  Road a few Water Slides...  and drank.  The whole purpose for going the Kalahari resort was for a dance competition.  A mini Vacation.

I made a new friend in the lobby

Husband found me entertaining 

Rhino..  just because

A bronze Gorilla.

Wave pool...  

Kid in the wave pool

"mom... what are you doing?"

"Don't drop it!  JUST TAKE THE PICTURE!!"

The Kalahari is African themed.  Our beds in the room.  Each bed only had 2 pillows.  so sad

Dessert on the first night.. . most delightful Cheesecake

Even better chocolate peanut butter thing......

The kids just before hitting the stage

My doll.  She worked so hard.  She ended up having several full blown panic attacks that week.  The stress of having to perform for a Grade threw her for a loop.  She didn't want to disappoint anyone and was terrified she would mess up.  Many many trips to the bathroom to throw up and gage... not my ideal vacation but we finally got it out of her.  She was nervous.  

The anxiety issue hasn't stopped either.  We have hit the official busy season - School is ending and she's not getting along with her student teacher.  The final show is coming up, plus the Showcase show and another Competition.  AND... I'm traveling soon.  The poor kid is just so overwhelmed.  

Mornings are the worst but we are getting through it.  Breathing helps and a good cry today seemed to help. I think hormones may have started in as well.  Oh boy.. i'm in trouble.