Thursday, August 31, 2006

Saturday, August 26, 2006

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Master of Horror has returned

wow, talk about a flash back. I got found on My Space by my old boss and horror partner in crime.. Tommy K... master of Horror and Sloan Gangsta Rap (heheh)

Tom was my boss at Spencers - best boss ever!

Turns out, he has his own store finally - Rotten Jack's Creep Shack

For those that know me.. this is normal. For those that don't, I am a Halloween/Horror junkie. As soon as Oct 1 hits, the Halloween totes come out. I'd start earlier but hubby has his limits. Even Erin got into last year and she was only 2!

This year, I introduced her to the Lemax Halloween village "Mommy - we have to get that! Get that one... ohhh.. get that one... ". I love my kid.

I digress... Tom had the best Halloween Parties know on this side of the lake... even the bathroom and attic were decorated. The Bathroom for Christ's sake.

This was one year ... I don't remember which, they all tend to blend together. Tom is the Umpalumpa and I was Jack the Ripper's Victim.

Damn.. I wish I had a picture of Tom as PRINCE....(giggle)

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Home in One Piece

We made it home from War in one piece. Just a few minor injuries but nothing big (blisters, sore muscles from walking and sunburn).

War was fantastic! we managed to see 1 battle - the heavy weapons Town battle. And to make it better, I got to see Sam on the field...

So - some things to note from Pennsic XXXV
1) Goat Milk Fudge
2) Hawk Muffins
3) Willam Shattner followed by Marilyn Manson
4) I can't drive 55 (or under 75 come to think of it)
5) Wine = making friends
6) a gallon of Rum.. need i say more
7) Zigging when I should have zagged twice
8) 'blood' water
9) middle eastern is HOT!
10) uphill sucks
11) I need new shoes
12) Yurt is a funny word to say
13) Henna should smell like fresh Hay....
14) MORWENNA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
15) More Garb is good
16) need a carpet for the tent
17) More Garb.....

Thursday, August 10, 2006

Off to War

I think I have everything... I think. I did some last minute food shopping yesterday and all I need to get is bottled water and ice. Oh.. and Woodchuck.

Clothes - I have enough and I just need to finish the Linen.
Shoes - got em
Food - Check (Sammy.. i have a surprise for you.....)
Dwelling - Yeppers
everything else - I hope so.
PreSchool is paid for
Tim and Erin have food
where the heck are my needles???

Trunk is empty and waiting and I'll be packing in the dark to leave by 7 AM. What in the world possessed me to do this??? All I hope is that my cold is bansihed by Spirits and the weather stays nice....

Friday, August 04, 2006


I gave in today. I made myself a cube for work. Yes, I want walls damn it. My desk is right near the color printer and its loud, not to mention that my desk is in a cubby open to the floor. Noise noise noise.

So - i moved the bookshelf and moved a freestanding cube wall that there and VOILA! A little space for me. I even have room for a chair. I hate not having my own space. Now, if I only had a door