About Me

this is me -  a Working Mom/Wife who is just trying to make it through the day, and my kiddo Erin.  She's my love, my life, my mini-me and a handful.  She's a normal kid who has a lot of "spunk" and is too smart for her own good.  Together, we are just trying to survive each other.  Mother-daughter relationships are hard and we'll figure it out together.

Yes, the man behind the camera is my FIRST love of my life, best friend and co-hort in crime.  We keep him out of the girly things.

I enjoy:
Sewing, painting, baking, cooking, reading and crafting.  I am always looking for new patterns or recipes to try out.

The Kid enjoys:
Singing, dancing, paying on the computer, math, science, trips, museums, trips to the salon, digging to China, playing in the rain, painting, eating out and telling stories