Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Better Packing

I've done this trip enough to know how to pack and I messed up. In order to take the least amount possible, I totally missed a day for a shirt. And a long sleeved shirt. Those rooms get cold.

So off to the mall I went yesterday. Macys. I now LOVE Macys. And I bought 5 pieces (4 shirts and a cami) for $49. There was a sale and I took full advantage of it getting 2 tees at $4.99 each.

Speaking of the mall. When I went on Monday, there was someone walking around with what appeared to be secret service. Ear pieces and all. I couldn't get around them at one point. I have NO idea who it was. Not a clue. Secret Service, in the Fair Oaks Mall. Silly.

Saturday, August 01, 2009

Where did the summer go?

I just found out that Soccer ends next week. I'm happy because that means I get to have my nights free again. I'm sad because all I'll hear from Erin is "I'm bored...". what can you do?

But really, where did the summer go? Its already August. I need to finish getting school supplies and shirts for school. And shoes.. and a backpack. I've already dropped $180 on uniforms. I just hope that they will last 2 years.

Today the lawn needs to be done.. again. The house needs to be cleaned... again. I really wanted to do something fun today. Roller Skating maybe. I doubt that will happen...