Wednesday, March 28, 2007

the power of old movies

I don't believe in total censorship at home. Some movies we'll not watch with Erin to avoid the nightmare issue or long explanation of what that man and woman were doing. But, if its on and she comes stumbling in, I don't panic. She's usually not interested.

Last night we watched "Streetcar named Desire". She made it quite a ways through. I passed out before it ended. Now, this morning the questions came.

"mommy? Why were the girls, you know, Stella and the other one - why were they not in color?" Ok - valid question and I went on to explain that some movies were made in Black and white and not color.

"Why did they put the man in the shower?" Huh? Oh - after a drunken Poker game Stanley flies into a rage and passes out thus needing a cold shower to cool him down. I didn't tell the kid that. My response went something like this.
"well, Stanley got really mad and his friends wanted to get him to calm down". The kid interjects - "Yeah, he threw the Radio out the window cause he didn't want the lady dancing". Wow. I continued "Correct. He was just very angry and being very mean. Being mean is not good"

Kid then goes on "Well, I get mean cause I want you to pay attention to me". BLAMO! Self admission from a 4 year old as to why she throws her temper tantrums. It took "Streetcar named Desire" to get her to see that mean wasn't good. She saw how Stanley being mean scared the ladies and she didn't like that.

I proceeded "Well, if you act mean, I don't want to pay attention to you or talk to you. I don't like it when you are mean. If you are a nice girl and listen, we'd pay MORE attention to you and not yell."

Light clicks on for Erin "Yeah, so if I'm not mean, we can talk more!" She may finally have turned a corner. Thank you Tennessee Williams.

Thursday, March 22, 2007


There is a certain smell in the air when Spring begins. It is hard to describe but you know it when you smell it. Actually, there are 2 - Spring and Parade Day. Let me explain.

Parade Day : Mid March is the St. Patrick's day parade. More often than not, its cold. But - there is usually a warm up about that time. For some strange reason, there is a certain clean smell to it.

Spring: Clean, warmer air with a hint of moisture like its going to rain. And it has to be at least 60 degrees. It did that this morning. There is a cold front coming in and its supposed to rain (thunder storm oh yeah!). I let Erin wear her spring coat and no tights. Just socks with her dress. I immediately opened my window in the office. 6 floors up you get wind.

I can see the clouds moving in and its sort of hopeful. The spring rain will wash away the last of the brown/black snow and get rid of the salt that remains. There is one little patch of snow on the roof just outside my window. It reminds me of a scared creature holding on to its last vestiges of life.

This is going to be one of those days where I won't work - just stare out the window and think about cleaning my house. Cycle out the winter clothes, throw out the ones that are dead, make a goodwill bag and air out the house.

Not so much a hooky day but a 'don't want to think' kind of day.

Boy, I am gonna miss this view.

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Game Cakes

This is the best site ever! If Tommy is into Mario next year, maybe Aunty will try.... hmmmm...
Tim, I think I want a Diablo cake for my birthday.

Thursday, March 15, 2007

Sick day again

Tis the season for runny noses and vomiting and fevers. Erin came down with the flu after Mom's birthday party Tuesday. We spent the evening at Mom's for her Birthday and introduced Erin to my brother's dog. Erin is terrified of dogs. Well, not any more. She got over it and loves the thing now. Bonus.

All was well until 3 am and I hear "MOMMY!! I THINK I HAVE TO THROW UP!". Thus the early morning adventures of Nurse Mommy proceeded.

That was Wednesday. Between fevers and fights to take the medicine, we moved into Thursday feeling still yucky by better. Morning passed and her mood lightened. Not so warm..thats good. Trip to the store for better meds and appetite came back. YEAH!

Its now 2 pm. All that remains is a runny nose. Meds are still in order but she's better.

I love my kid. I'm sick of kid shows.
I want to go back to work.

Friday, March 02, 2007

I wasn't had...

An update to a previous post - Erin really was sick. She started running a temp more so in the afternoon and now is officially sick. I'm in for the night as I will have a 4 year old on my lap all night.

Law and Order - Special Letter Unit

And here I thought I've seen it all.. and they really look like the actors!


apparently, its legal to make a left hand turn from a right hand lane. I swear, if one person does it, I'm going to cause an accident to prove a point.

And whats the big idea of running red lights? And pedestrian's crossing AGAINST the light?
Darwinism in action.

I've been had...

"Mommy, my belly hurts" says the flush faced almost 4 year old. Sniffle, cough and moan. Head and face are warm. Hmmm.. so we send her to school and wait for the call or keep her home?

"Ok - home it is" - Calls are made and laptop is brought out. Run to the store and child is happy and singing... hmmmmm....

Get home and child proceeds to dance and sing... still warm and cough is there BUT only when I ask how she feels. "Mom, I'm not sick"....

"What!?! If you are not sick, then you go to school" Child then proceeds to cough. Whining "I'm sick". Which is it? Sick or not sick.

I know a cold/flu can feel. Achy yet can manage to be social. I do it all the time. I work when I'm sick. I'm an idiot. So home we are. I'm working (well, trying to with having to disconnect and reconnect the VPN which is a pain) and Erin is watching cartoons. She still says her belly hurts so we'll see.