Sunday, July 31, 2011

yes, i am insane

Its hot out.. humid to be exact. Cooking is something that should be outside or by someone else where you don't have to do any dishes (aka takeout).  What did I do?    Made Kielbasa and potato noodles....  stood in front of the range for who knows how long.  I'm pooped!  What freaking possessed me to do that??  I have no idea.  Really.  I could have easily made Tim grill something.  Or had Ice Cream for dinner.

I'm going to give myself a time out now.

Date Night

Date nite!!!! on Twitpic
Date night for us married folks is few and far between.  Who would have thought that we'd need to schedule time to be able to have dinner by ourselves... oh yeah. We have a kid.

The introduction of another human complicates the time we need to spend together as a married couple. And I'm simply talking about being able to spend some time together, minus a child, to eat and drink, talk about adult topics, giggle about adult things with having to explain what they mean in a G version and watch a scary movie and drink some more.
Now don't get me wrong.  I love my kid.  She's awesome! But I am a firm believer that a marriage can only be sustained when the spouses have some time to be together. Get back to WHY they got married in the first place.

Share photos on twitter with TwitpicSo last night the kid spent the night at a friend's house..  she's at that age where it will be happening more and more.  The  husband and I went to Duffs for dinner....had a few drinks...  discussed our upcoming trip.  We then headed over to Borders to pick up some reading material for the plane ride...  then Ice Cream. No, Tim didn't eat 2..  one is mine and I couldn't finish it.  Then we made an exciting trip to the pet store.. ooooooooohhhhhhhhhhh.. so adult.  I know.  We needed some cat food and treat for the new hamster.  Some kitteh viewing was in order.

Then we went home....  oooooohhhhh.. exciting. Well, he made one more trip for vodka so we could have Vodka Tea while we watched a scary movie.     That's Date Night...   And after nearly 10 years of marriage and 14 years of being with my best friend,  I had a wonderful time. Now we are off to mass to get the kid...  and life resumes.  

Friday, July 29, 2011

goodbye friend

Today we had to say goodbye to Steve, Erin's hamster.  He was a sweet guy and a bit daring.  We found him this morning unresponsive and we did all that we could to keep him with us.

Steve is now resting in the big Wheel in the sky.  Erin wanted to bury him in the backyard.  He's under an American flag stone, has an army dude to watch over him, a carrot and Cherry tomato.

Goodbye friend.  we love you

Monday, July 04, 2011

summer stuff.. so far

here I thought summer was supposed to be fun and memorable..  I'm damn exhausted!  Its July 4 at 11pm. It sounds like a fire fight is going on outside.  Well, what I'd imagine it would sound like..  So much for fireworks in NYS being illegal....hahahhahah!

We just got back from visiting friends for a few hours.. talking about "the good old days", swimming, playing board games.. I am burnt.  But it was nice to see friends.  Next weekend is another family party... and thats the last one for the summer.  Then its a friend's picnic, maybe fantasy island then our trip to Vegas....  then VA and maybe TX (the VA and TX trips are me.. for work..woohoo!).

yeah.. i lost where I was going with this one so since I can't keep a thought in my head, I'm gonna not even try.  Happy 4th peoples... enjoy your days...