Sunday, April 27, 2008

What I did this weekend

I have been having a strange pain in my left hand for 2 weeks. A pulling and sharp pain at the base of the thumb and middle finger.

With much hemming and hawing, I went to an urgent care facility since my primary is out of the country. 1 hour later and 2 XRays later, I have trigger finger and tendonitis. How to fix it? You can't, well not really. I have to rest it (ha!) ice it and take an anti-inflammatory. That means knitting and crochet are on hold. Sewing is ok in spurts. I'm glad its my left and not my right hand. That would really suck.



Thanks to fine folks at 5 Minutes for Mom, I've been thinking about being a mom.

This picture sums it up - she was 3 1/2 and insisted on baking Christmas Placzek (coffee cake) with me. Needless to say, more flour and sugar made it on the floor than in the mixer. But, it was a day of discovery. I was able to laugh at accidents and she found she was really good at baking. My girl is my pride and joy and makes me proud to be a mom. We may not be perfect, but we'll get by.

Head over to 5 Minutes for Mom and check out their awesome giveaways!!

Thursday, April 24, 2008

I have a beauty Guardian Angel

And this Guardian Angel gave me something to try that I have fallen in love with. Philosophy - the microdelivery in home peel.

She had a sample on use size for me to try and WOW! My face is incredibly smooth. This is something that I need to get when I have a little extra cash as its on the pricey side. Apparently everything I really like is mucho expensive.

Thank you Charlie for another addiction :)

Saturday, April 19, 2008

it is April 19th and....

What is up with that? I'm loving it don't get me wrong but its a little warm for me. I prefer the 70's. The nice thing is that its a bit cooler where I live (advantage of living near the lake).

So with the warm weather, Erin and I helped out at school today to clean the grounds in honor of the new projects at school with Americorps and Earth Day. Raking was in order for the day. We stayed for about 2 hours (8:30 to 10:30 am) and headed home to go to Mc D for lunch (imagine a scarcasic woohoo). After lunch, we, well, I tackled the garden in the back of the house. For some strange reason I want to plant veggies this year. We eat a ton of carrots and I really like Zucchini. I make Sweet Pickles every year so lets supplement from our own garden! Not to mention, Erin really wants to grow a pumpkin. I said why not.

Therefore in honor of Earth Day and the need to be a little more green ('cause its not easy being green), a veggie garden will be ATTEMPTED this year. A small compost pile will be right next to it and plastic bags are evil. There. I said it. No more plastic bags. The old light bulbs are out and the new Energy efficient ones are in. Environmentally safe cleaners now live under my sink and I need more Vinegar to make some home made cleaners. I also need a bigger recycling bin.
Thank you honey for putting up with me on the quest to make the Earth a little better for the kid.

Thursday, April 17, 2008

turning a corner

For those who care, the 5 year old has turned a corner. The issues have subsided to a normal 5 year old level and we're still getting the swing of school rules all the time, not some of the time.

The Reds are way fewer and she's not totally loosing it. She's taking the Oranges better and learning from the Yellows.

My thoughts on this? Her frustration level is lower and comprehension is up. Her vocabulary is much better and can articulate what is pissing her off. And Catholic School is good. We LOVE Catholic School.

I've been hesitating on posting this for fear that the minute I say its good, it turns back to bad. But ya know, she's trying and thats all I can ask for.

too much to do

So the birthday party is done (yeah!!) and the Bridal shower is done (woot!) so that means I have a long list of stuff that needs to get done ASAP.

1) Charlie's Pillow covers
2) SCA Scroll
3) Sam's present (at least one is now done, I just need to finish the other)
4) plant the garden

These are the immediate ones that HAVE to be done. I have a list of 'would like to do if I only had more time'

IPOD monster
wrist warmers
A Bagsket
Random Cat toys
A plastic Bag holder
Grocery Bags
dice bag swag for hubby
frame my daughter's art work
free range monsters
home made granola bars

This list has been shoved to the side for the time being. I have more important things to do like listen to Erin READ me a book. Yes folks, the 5 year old has gotten the reading bug. Her sight word list is a bit shaky but she's getting it. She has read 5 books for me (with a little help on some of the big words) and she's a top reader in her class. There is an issue with few words (said, is, it, the) but we're getting over it. I think she needs to see the words in context and not randomly thrown at her.

I am awfully proud of her - she's only 5. Its amazing as to what the schools are expecting of the kids now - 5 years are expected to read already. That was first grade for us. Crazy.

Monday, April 07, 2008

Signs of Spring

I have been in a funk the last few weeks. The weather has been bad and cold. So bu the grace of the gods (damn Battlestar), the temps have been in the 50s-60s and the flowers are starting to bloom. I found this little guy in my back yard need a tree thing we have. I have no idea where it came from and there is only one. Bloom little flower, BLOOM!!!!