Thursday, May 22, 2008

Wellies, well fake ones

In preparation for Pennsic, I wanted to get some rain boots (Wellies) but I refuse to spend that much.

Target had some for $19.99 - just about what I wanted to spend.

Mine are pink. Erin's have a cat on them. She word them while we were shopping and singing her "Wellies" song.

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Sunset in Lackawanna


My niece is turning 25 this year. She and her best friend celebrated yesterday (sometime in the middle of their 2 birthdays - J was in early May and B in June).

It was nice - CT Ryder played, we had pizza and wings, drank, the kids played dress up with little B, made S'mores,... overall a good time.

Happy (early) Birthday B.

Friday, May 16, 2008

Lunch time crafting

I was home yesterday with a sick kid so I spent my lunch making a lunch bag. I had some scraps of fabric and some interfacing so I thought I'd give the tote a try. Its not great but not terrible. For Lunches too work, its fine. I have some fabric to make bigger ones for groceries (thanks mom). We shall see!

Monday, May 12, 2008

crafting fail

I wanted to add a pin to the fabulous new hand bag (a very cute button flower pin) but it had fail written all over it. I came home from my Mother's house with a box of sewing stuff circa 1978 including a ton of buttons.

Since the bag is black and blueish, I had buttons that color, a pin and some quiet time during Law and Order so why not? One problem. Wrong glue.

Looks like a trip to the craft store is needed for supplies.

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Mine mine mine

Thanks to Tina for the wonderful bag. I have no patience for handbags (maybe I should use a pattern) so I'll let her to do it.

Isn't it wonderful??

Monday, May 05, 2008

Zombies and Superheros

Last night I had the most vivid and bizarre dream ever, to the point where you could actually feel.

We we in New York City - I think, and it was overrun with Zombies with a central stronghold for the humans. Thats where we were. Now, it was the typical zombie dream up until certain people became Superheros (not the real justice league but based on, say.. Wonder Woman..,that was me).

Needless to say, at one point, we had to incinerate a zombie after it snuck in and there were several officals. One had a Zombie that had no teeth and was more human like --- apparently able to curb the blood and flesh urge. I shook his hand.... I remember what it felt like.

In the end...when I woke up for the final time, the city was blocked off and the govt was going to get rid of the issue... (sounds like something from I AM LEGEND).

Damn. It was a good dream.

Friday, May 02, 2008

Going Green because its cheaper

With the ongoing battle at pumps over the insanely high price of Gas (almost $4 a gallon now kids, this is getting bad) and now the cost of flour going up, all the extra money is going to Food and gas. A few of us I know are going green because we HAVE to, not because we want to.

1) No more paper towels - use cloth instead

2) pre-made instant in a box oatmeal is out - a tub is cheaper and tastes the same

3) buy in bulk - separate into portion sized containers and share with a friend.

4) Go homemade - bread: only eat it when you know you'll eat it (how much have i thrown out), granola: apparently, my homemade granola bars are the bomb and recycle leftovers (mmm... Shepard's pie, and stirfry.... mmmmmmmmmm)

5) Order online - it has come to my attention that you can order in bulk from Amazon on everyday good (coffee, personal hygiene products, cleaning supplies and so on). I may never have to shop for feminine products, dish soap and toilet paper again~ well, for this year at least

6) Use baking soda and vinegar to clean - it worked for my grandmother, it can work for me and its cheaper too

7) I have all this Tupperware, I might as well use it.

8) Grow a garden - its fun, exercise, the kids will love it and the fresh veggies taste yummy

9) eat less meat - I love meat (snicker, giggle - love you honey) but Its sooo expensive. More veggies and pasta huh? OK - I'm game for new rice and more chicken.

10)NETFLIX! Yes, you heard me. We get fairly current movies, make popcorn (no icee though) and have a night at the movies. Sometimes, we even do a double-feature (oooohhhhhh) AND we don't have to leave the house...expect to go the mail box of course. And a benifit, I can get up to use the bathroom and NOT MISS ANY OF THE MOVIE.

11) Make your own greeting cards - I have a ton of paper and an internet connection. I can get creative.

Ok, I'll stop. Its such a shame its taking the Gas and Flour prices to make people go green (or whatever hue it is).