Thursday, January 26, 2012


We are looking for a dog.  Why?  It's time.  And we found a little guy who melted our hearts.  His name is Barley.  He's a pup still so size is a question.  He won't be huge, but its a mystery still.  Now..  we don't have him.  There is a process we have to follow but we were lucky to meet him in person.  He gave the sweetest puppy kisses.  And how could you abandon this?
People amaze me as to how stupid they can be.

Regardless... Erin is in love with him and is really trying to grasp we MAY NOT be the right fit for Barley.  Trying to get her to understand we have to do what is best for the dog is a challenge.  She wanted to take him home last Saturday and was ready to cry when someone else was looking at him.  We have talked to her and she "says" she understands and there will be a dog out there for us.  But she wants him.

The cats know something is afoot.  We cleared out a spot next to my chair and placed a blanket with some dog toys.  They sniffed.. but left it alone.  The funny thing was were petting a bunch of dogs on Saturday and when we came home... the cats insisted on laying on us.  Reclaiming us apparently.

If this little guy does join our family, we'll be very happy and lucky.  But if its not a good fit, I really hope he finds a good forever home.