Tuesday, June 26, 2007

7 days and counting...

to what? V-A-C-A-T-I-O-N! Damn, i need it. 3 weekdays of NOT working. Sam will be in town that means Pizza and Beer (yeah!). There is something to be said about having your oldest and dearest friend in town to visit.

back to grind for another hour then I am out to see Lily and hear of her ass-kicking adventures of Iron Man. Thats my girl!

Friday, June 22, 2007

feels like fall

After the run of hot 90 degree weather, the 68 degree temp and wind makes it feel like fall. It even smells like it. good sleeping weather but bad for swimming.

Good Grief

so I'm a slacker and haven't posted. I've been dealing with some family "stuff" and well, I'm beat. Lets recap:
I'm 32 now. Old per the family standard. I was at the park with the kid and felt like I was still in HS just babysitting. I don't feel old enough. what is it supposed to feel like?

But thanks to all who came to the party - a good time was had by all. We have another shin-dig this weekend and 2 more next weekend. I hate June.

I'm still so in love with Kohls. I got 2 gift card and $56 later, I have a pair of capris and 4 shirts. They really do have some kick ass sales.

Other than that, I'm just waiting for Sam. COME HOME SOON!!!

Monday, June 11, 2007

Bar-goon shopper

I hate shopping with a 4 year old. Impulse buy every time. Since I stopped getting the paper, I don't get coupons or ads anymore. I've resorted to browsing online before we shop. Shoes for example. 4 year old = growth spurt. Somethings you need to try on and others you don't. Payless Shoes is pretty reliable for 'tappy' shoes (black mary-janes) and we've gone through some 8 pairs. Kohls also has been a life saver. They carry black jeans for kids.

Now, if I take said 4 year old shopping for clothes, we end up with a heck lot more than what we need. My hubby turned me on to online shopping coupons and if there is a bar-goon, I'm on it. Coupon Chief lists by store - perfect for me since I have little time to wander through specials of the day. I know where I need to and what I need.

For the frugal mom who hates buying full price anything, especally clothes the kids will grow out of in 3 months, they keep tabs on Old Navy, Kohls and Children's Place. I could have used this years ago.

Happy shopping!


Saturday, June 09, 2007

more booseze and birthdays

ice cream cake at 9;30 at night is not such a good idea but i don't care. its my birthday - well tomorrow is.. i just don't care.

Lily and kids came over tonite for dinner, pool, play and a fun. It was blast. the kids played and Lily and I celebrated my birthday. A bottle of wine and a almost a bottle of vodka. Mike came over to bring me ice cream cake. Yeah, 32 isn't so bad (too bad I've hit hit the back space way too many times and my kid is stilll awake at 10 pm.. )

i can;t feel my toes. heheehehhehhehehe

Happy birthday to me... happy birthday to me,.....

Friday, June 08, 2007

Booze and SkeeBall

after the crap week and day we had, Erin redeemed her 40 tokens to go to Chuck E Cheese. She has been good for the last 2 days.

Did you know they serve booze at Chuck E Cheese? Beer and wine.

Wine and SkeeBall.... you do the math. i can tolerate going there now that she's 4 and can wander around herself.

Thank you Chuck E Cheese for making it tolerable.

"I think an Owl ate the birdie"

Erin and I went outside to check the weather and the pool. There was dead looking bird in pool. I say dead looking because i saw it wasn't moving. Erin stared at it and poked it (such a kid) and yelled "MOM! IT'S NOT DEAD!".

What the hell do I do with a half dead bird. We've lost fish before and flushed them. This is a much bigger animal. And she said it was her friend.

So I found something to move the bird and when it moved its wings, you could see some wounds. Either another bird or a neighborhood cat got to it. It wouldn't let go. Poor thing. We moved it out to the shed and Erin was very calm.
"Mom, we can stay and make sure no cats come back and if they do, we can hide it again. " She felt sorry for the bird. I did too. I took an old bowl and we got some water. It was shivering probably due to shock. The poor thing won't last and Erin sighed. She said God likes birds so its ok.

When we got in the house she said, "I think an Owl ate the birdie". I explained to her that some bigger birds and animals will eat the smaller ones. Like we eat chicken and cows.. wild animals have to eat too. She said "yeah mom, i know. it will be ok. Lets just leave the water and some bread". I hope that bird dies knowing one little girl considered it her friend.

Wednesday, June 06, 2007

More blow ups

Where do we go from here? More issues, more violence, more tears. After seeing what goes on before lunch (a freaking movie) and at nap time (no option at all about not napping), I have issues with this place.

My mommy sense is tingling.

But the kid? what do I do?

Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Bird's nest

I'm sitting here trying to work today - home... again because the Kid had another melt down. There is a bird making its nest on top of my light by the front door.

I'm watching it fly past the window getting more sticks, leaves and grass. Back and forth.

Birds lead a simple life. Eat, avoid cats and bigger birds, mate, eat more, poop on my car and stay out of the rain.

My life is not simple and I wish it were. There is a sort of desperation in a mother's eyes when her child can not behave due to the need for instant gratification. This is something I deal with on a daily basis and its wearing me down.

She's a good kid when she's with older people. Kids her age don't do it for her most of the time. She also just wants to play. I don't blame her. But how do you get a 4 year old to understand that there is a time and place for everything. Work, school, play.... I yelled (mistake #1). I ignored the bad behavior (mistake # 2). I talked calmly (sort of working) but I still feel like a bad parent. Like I've damaged her. Did I do this? I should have known when she slapped me in the face at birth.

All I want is for a good day. Go to school, no fighting, a good report, when I say "no" there is no plea bargaining, no bed time fights, just lights out. How do I do that?

Saturday, June 02, 2007

Summer Fun Already

Its June 2 and 90 degrees. 90 FREAKING DEGREES! Um.. what the hell? I remember it being cold on my birthday. With all the trials these last 2 weeks, we made it though 3 days without MAJOR explosions.

Yesterday was Erin's last day at her current daycare. She had a great day and we needed to celebrate. Did you ever celebrate by buying a pool?

This lovely frog pool (note: not my kids) cost $14.95 at Target. I looked at Amazon and it listed at $50! I seriously lucked out.

Pool got set up yesterday and Erin blessed it with squeals of joy.

Today, after a wonderful picnic in the park and visit to Gramma's in 90 degree heat to get the Air Conditioner, Erin again dove in and squealed like a little girl (yes, she is a little girl so how can make her stop?). Her goal was to get me wet as well.

To her surprise, I came out of the house in my suit and JUMPED in the pool. Damn, that was cold but felt fantastic in the heat.

I love that pool. All I needed was a Mommy frosty cold drink and I'd be set. Bring it on Summer. Bring it on.