Friday, November 15, 2013

Fa la la la...

No.. I have not decorated yet..  but I'm planning.  Pintrest has been my crack and there is no getting off of it.   And to make matters worse.... I got my kid on it!!
We agreed she could use my login on her kindle so I can see what she's pinning.  Its fun to look at what she's pinning.  Often, she's off in a flash to the craft drawer looking for something.  "Mom, I need your little scissors!!"

You can check out her 1st board here.

She also found tons of Perler patterns as that is her new addiction as well.   Oh the mind of a 10 year old is funny.

Wednesday, November 06, 2013


Its done!!  The great 2013 Purge of the Dining Room is DONE!!  Only 1 injury.  Lots of "Hey Hon... do we need this?" and even more of "Nope..  ditch it".

Next.. the family room.  That will be a bit harder because I will be contending with the girl's stuff.  And some electronics.  But it will be done. It has to be..  that is where the Christmas tree will be going.  Its really only one section of the room..  so maybe Sunday...  buhahahhahahahha!!!

Post Purge

I've done as much as I am going to in the Dining room and all that is left is the table.. the great black hole of stuff that I'm note sure what to do with.  Toss or keep.  If I keep, where?

I tossed an entire bag of craptastic fabric yesterday and still didn't have room for the good stuff.  I either have to start making stuff with what I have or part ways.  I also found a shoebox of Tapes..  yes.  Tapes.  I think we have most of them in other formats so I really want to toss them.  But I was stopped "just in case we don't" .. so I have to do a bit of documentation before I can ditch them.  I don't use the tape player in the car for tapes at all. its just there.

But significant progress has been made.  It will look sweet for Thanksgiving.

Tuesday, November 05, 2013

Purging - Part 3

My dining room is slowing returning - things are going into their proper places.  I even bought a new bookcase for my "hobby".  I have some 2 dozen books dedicated to Medieval Manuscripts, and paints, and a paper..  they needed to be in one spot.

I tried the Restore for a bookcase - no luck so Valu Home Center sale was my option.  Its coming together.. 

But lesson learned today... Make sure you have enough Garbage Bags and a pace how much you throw out.  My garbage tote is almost full and its Tuesday.  Garbage pickup is Monday..  

Here are some progress shots..

The table is the holding spot of doom right now.

This corner was where the hobby shelve were (a crappy wire shelf unit).  Now its just the chair and by basket.

Monday, November 04, 2013

the Purge.. part 2

Note to self..  WEAR SHOES!! When doing the whole Purge/Clean thing...  wear shoes.  Why you may ask?  I was doing a quick clean/purge/move this morning during my lunch.  I emptied one of those tall hard plastic cabinets and started to move it back to the laundry room.  Down on the toe it went.

The big toe is now black and blue..  and the whole foot is throbbing.


How to Purge stuff

With the upcoming holiday season and that looming dread of "where do i put everything so I can get the tree up" I made the decision to start the Great 2013 Purge.  It started at my mother's house - bags of baby clothes that just needed to go. 5 bags. All donated from my mom's house.  Yes, I know, I could have held a garage sale, made a little cash but really?  I'm not doing that at in November.

And we instituted a new rule - If you go into the attic, something must go.  For good. I have 3 bags of kids toys that need to go somewhere for donation. I'm on a hunt to find a good home for them.

So how do you purge?  Here are some things to keep in mind..
1) Have you used it in the last year?  No- purge it
2) Does it make you money?  No- purge it
3) Is it Broken?
4) Do you love it?  No- purge it (If you loved it, why didn't you use it in the last year silly?!)
5) The whole "well we might need it later" crap has got to stop.

That is where we started.  Several bags of clothes from us and a big bag of garbage.  My challenge if getting rid of the extra baggage, the crap, the "why the hell did I keep this" is underway.

The cool thing I did find in the attic..  french  soup style crocks..  I own them.  will I ever use them?  I don't think so.  But I may come up with a great gift basket idea.........