Monday, December 31, 2012

Looking back at 2012 and some lessons that I have learned

2012 was an interesting year.  Sucked a lot but over all it was ok.   So here is what I have learned:

1) Wine is good to have on hand all the time
2) 9 year olds still wake you up at 2 am.
3) technology is really cool but way too expensive.
4) when the nail polish bottle says DO NOT SHAKE, don't toss it in your purse and hope for the best.
5) carry safety pins on you at all times
6) airports are funny places
7) its really cool to go to the rental place and see your name on the GOLD board.
8) always keep chocolate in the house or mama will get crazy
9) Dance Mom drama isn't just on TV.
10) gallstones suck
11) Google Maps on my phone = AWESOME!!
12) Wine is good.
13) Just because a tin hat tells you something doesn't mean its right.. or even true.
14) I will only use Fountain Pens if I can
15) heels suck
16) I love my Kindle
17) Vodka Tea will do fine if no wine is available
18) Coffee is a must.  Don't care.  coffee is good.
19) Airport terminal seats are uncomfortable
20) There are never any plugs near the bed in the hotel room.  why???  I have a phone you know
21) Airport  terminals need cushioned floors.  Like dance studios.
22) When they say "Free WiFi" it really means sucky poor speed if you can connect at all.
23) my Husband is really cool

2013 - i promise to not bitch so much..  well..  i'll try. But some people just have it coming.

Friday, December 21, 2012

redemption and wine

The kids performed today - 2 shows.  And they listened. They were quiet.  The only issue was the really little ones.. they were tired and were super good for the first show and lost it for the 2nd.  I can't blame them.

And the older kids relaxed a little and we cracked some jokes.  This was good.

Now, I am exhausted.  Work, a doctor's appointment, dress rehearsal, 2 shows and clean up.  WINE!!  And we do it again tomorrow at a Senior's home.  I think I need a vacation.

Thursday, December 20, 2012

rules for backstage

I am a backstage Mom.  Not a Stage Mom.  There is a clear difference.  I work backstage to help with the costume changes for all the kids, call the order, make sure they smile, pin and sew when needed, tie toe shoes and tell them when they are mumbling on stage.  Sure.. I praise them but I'll be damned if they go on stage and mumble. My training to put on the best possible show won't let that slide.

I have been in a number of shows in Junior High and High School. Never the star.  I was an understudy.. and  Chorus. Lack of Confidence was my downfall and I always preferred to not talk or be in a crowd.  I helped back stage and even was the student director.  Blocking, calling lines, making sure things can be heard... that's my bag. Making it seem real.  I paint a mean set.

So when my kid got bit with acting/musical theatre bug, we ended up somewhere where I happen to know the studio director.  She was my best friend growing up.  Now she owns her own performace company - not a dance studio.. a performance company.  Singing, acting, dance, play-writing  design...  the whole package.  There is one small problem.  Staffing.  She can't really afford to pay for staff like you normally would.  So the moms and dads help out where they can.  I.. am the Backstage mom.   I call the numbers, help get them ready, keep band-aids  pins and tissues on me. I have been known to yell... at rehearsals.  I use the Mom voice.  Why?  There are 2 basic rules in the theatre that need to be followed.... period.

1) You MUST be quiet in the wings and backstage.  NO TALKING
2) You have to pay attention and move fast. Timing is everything.

There are more but these are the 2 the kids have the hardest time with.  They are pokey and can not for the life of them keep quiet.  Everything is a joke.  I love them all.. but they need to learn this hard lesson.  Many of them want to make performing their career.  If they can't handle these 2 rules, they will never see a call back.

Some of them try and do really well.  Others..  not so much.

I want nothing more for these kids to succeed. And I have to be a hard ass for them to get the idea.  I don't do this because I want to... I do it because I have to.  Discipline is lacking in today's kids. Harsh tones are "cruel" and you hear "why do you have to be so mean"..   Stern is mean and bitchy.  Well you know what, if you did what you were asked to do, I wouldn't need to correct you.  They need to be obedient - the director calls the shots... not you.  Little to the parents know of what happens back stage.  I know some of the kids don't like me.  I know some do. They call me Mom. I have seen many of them improve and get it.  Others do the same antics at every show.  If you don't want to play by the rules don't play.

This weekend we have 3 shows.  Friday 2 are back to back with a dress rehearsal.  1 on Saturday for the Seniors..  I feel like I am wrangling cats.  I think I need that on my shirt "Official Cat Wrangler"

Wednesday, December 19, 2012


I have booked travel for 2 back to back trips.  Both trips I leave on a Monday and come home on a Thursday.  This shall be my test of sanity.  If I can pull this off..  wait.  If Tim and Erin and I can pull this off, we are in the clear.

Back to back..  gee. But it is what is it is.  And I hope for more Airport entertainment.  I love Airport entertainment.  People amuse me when I'm travel.  I always seem to be the person that seems to know what is going on, where things are.  I have "that face".  I need to remember to bring my earphones...plug them in and not turn them on.

Time to earn some miles and get over my travel anxiety.  I managed to drive in Malvern PA (and get lost a few times but I have GPS now so its all good).  I can do this.  I can.

i want a cookie

In the Pre-Christmas hustle and bustle, I haven't been writing.  I plan to but never seem to get back to the blog to write. Work is in full swing and I'll be traveling soon so that whole change to the normal is taking over.  Not to mention the fact E is performing this season with her Performing Company.  This means extra rehearsals.  And who can forget the cookies and shopping.. apparently me.   With my travel at the beginning of this month, all of that got pushed to this week.  Thank God for online shopping.

The cookies are done - chocolate chips and peanut butter blossoms. Enough for us.
The shopping is done - waiting on one package
the Family baking will be Saturday and Sunday - that is if the world doesn't end on Friday.

But in all of this craziness, I was blessed to sit for 30 minutes with my husband and watch Flash Gordon.  We giggled. We made fun of it.  It was the best.  I love those moments.. he's so awesome.  Of course now I can't stop singing the song and re-casting the movie in a current remake.  How cool would it be to have that movie redone with CGI.

I digress.

It's time to get a move on at 7:15am - kid to school and start working.  School Concert is tonight..  whee!!!