Saturday, August 30, 2008

"There's a place I know in Ontario.."

Yes, she made it the week so we get to go to MarineLand in Canada. We leave here in like an hour so have to get ready. Breakfasts are done.. except for her.

If she doesn't eat, we don't go. Pardon me while I lay the law down.

Monday, August 25, 2008

5 days and counting..

Its the last week of camp and i feel sick to my stomach... nerves. For the fact that we have 1 week left then its off to school where I get to stare at the phone more and hope (and pray) that it doesn't ring. Please don't ring

Friday, August 15, 2008

It wouldn't be summer with an injury

So we went swimming today. The child pushed off the side of the pool with her back to me and she didn't look to see if anyone was there. Nor did she hear me when I said wait.

I now am getting a black eye (left eye top of the eye). It hurts.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

So freaking cool

It was well worth the money. Wii Fit is so freaking cool. Getting the danged thing was challenge enough.
I managed to figure the set up part, redid the body test like 3 times (note, don't hold the remote when its scanning you). Apparently I weigh less than I think or the board is slightly off. Frankly I don't care.

30 min of running, yoga, balance, and hula... i'm beat. I also need a sports bra (I know, TMI). Hula I think is best at this point.

And the nice thing is that Erin didn't freak when I said she couldn't use it tonight. She was all like "thats ok mom, I can use it tomorrow. you set it up tonight". So I got some me time in with the Wii Fit. Thank you company for allowing me to expense it !!!!!

Mission Accomplished

On a whim I was checking online for Wii Fit availability. Luck was on my side. Target had a few. 2 to be exact. 20 minutes later, one was in my hand. Yes, I finally got it.

Expense report is going in today and I will be sore tomorrow. Its all worth it.

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Home again

This will be brief as I have a ton to do. I made it home in one piece. Five hours in the car sucks but it can be done. I am just glad to be home. Pictures coming as soon as I feel up to it.

I have laundry waiting.

Saturday, August 02, 2008

24 hrs and counting

We'll be leaving tomorrow morning so this is likely the last or next to last post for about a week. Oh heck, I may text a post..who knows.

Sam made it in last night from Vegas in one piece (damned 12:30 am time frame - the airport has nothing open). I'm making the final list of stuff I know I need to get. More will be added to it when I get to Sam's parent's house.

I get a vacation... who knew!