Wednesday, April 12, 2017

No, I didn't die

I just gave up on blogging.   I found that it was becoming a chore and was no fun.  I am considering in archiving this blog and just keeping my SCA one.  But again, blogging feels sort of chorish right now.

I may do nothing.

I may post random pictures of my dog who took the squeaker out of her toy.

Or us chilling on one of our walks.

I dunno.  I'll leave you with this..  sleepy dog.

Thursday, October 01, 2015

How we don't fight

Our electric dryer is awesome.  We save on gas, it has several modes and I can hear the buzzer.  If it was working I would.

Yesterday I decided to wash the blankets we use in the family room and a sweatshirt I spilled coffee on.  So far so good. I went to toss them into the dryer and pressed the start button.





After some googling and you tube watching, I managed to get the back of the dryer off, cleaned out the pipes and was ready to test the fuse. It wouldn't budge.  So I waited till the husband came home.  He got it off and we tested what we thought would be a very easy repair (aside from the fact the dryer wanted blood from me).    The fuse was fine.  We wanted it to NOT work.  It worked.

Off to google again and more tools.  Husband enlisted my dainty little hands to help get some of the screws undone and we looked for another fuse thing that didn't exist on our machine, cleaned it out, put it back together 3 times because the drum wouldn't line up and not one argument occurred. The machine is still broken.  But we are not.

The husband and i have this odd skill of being able to to work on appliances, small construction projects and house repairs and not yell or get mad at each other.  We have managed to shovel ourselves out 7 feet of snow, put in a ceiling fan/light, remove a garbage disposal, fix the sink, install a surround sound system (twice), install and remove the AC every year and rewire a few switches.  All without yelling or killing each other.

We are both crazy smart and strong willed but we both realize some jobs you just need 2. You need an extra set of hands, or eyes, or smaller fingers.  We complement each other in that.  Now for being a girl, I am mechanically inclined.  My dad used to have me help out on small projects because I could get into places he couldn't and my hands were much smaller.  I learned how to use basic tools and i have no problem taking apart an appliance to fix it.  I don't need to call someone to fix it.  I have the Googles.   This gives us an advantage.  I don't play "the girl card" when it comes to home repair.

So back to the dryer.  It's sitting there, unplugged, staring at me.  Mocking us.  But I have a partner who will help take it down.

Friday, June 26, 2015

Words from the Stage Manager

Some people have no idea what goes on behind the stage.  We have weeks of extra rehearsals where we give up our time to watch the numbers run and mark and run and mark.  Last minute runs to get props, fix costumes that should have been fixed already and countless arguments.

Some of us take off our regular jobs to make sure you have lights, sound and open curtain.  We don't get paid to do this and we don't get to enjoy the show. We see their backs and half listen because we are calling cues, fixing costumes or hunting down missing cast members.  I don't remember the last time I really saw my kid perform.

Sometimes we do get to be the first to hug them when they get off stage after nailing that lift or jump. Sometimes, we do get to wipe away the tears during rehearsals when they land wrong and it hurts.

And sometimes I yell.

So people who come to the show, and think the  rules of NO FOOD OR DRINKS in the Auditorium  or NO ONE BACKSTAGE doesn't apply to them..  or if you think me telling your child to stop playing with the props is wrong...  Stop.  Just Stop.  If you want to help then be here at every rehearsal.  Get your kid's costumes  fixed.  Make sure they are EARLY not late for rehearsal. Help us clean up after the show.  VOLUNTEER!!!

Then you will see what it takes to put on a show.

Thursday, June 04, 2015

Throw back Thursday

This is pretty much how I feel today.  

That's wonderful and all but

enough already!  All that has been on the news this week is the transformation of Bruce Jenner to Caitlyn Jenner.  Gender Reassignment

She (I'll use the pronoun She has that's how she identifies herself) had the means to do what she felt was right.  Great, Wonderful.  Not everyone has that chance.  I know a lot of people who identify themselves as the opposite gender to which they were born.  Genetics is screwy sometimes and the brain and body got all mixed it.  It happens.  It's happened for years.

Did Chaz Bono get the same "glorification" news coverage?  Nope.  Lana Wachowski? nope.  They supported others quietly and were sometimes ridiculed by the media.  It's all because of the name and family and a need to be liked.  This is why I don't watch TV anymore.

Here's my take.  YOU ARE A PERSON!

If you were born a girl and identify as a boy, great.  If you were born a boy and identify as a girl, great.

Let me know what you want to be called and I will do just that.  It doesn't change what I think of you as a PERSON.  I will support you.  And I will still call you friend.

I have said what I had to say and it's no longer a topic for me.  Moving on... let's have coffee.

Wednesday, June 03, 2015

Randomness just 'cause

There is just too much going on to make a clear and concise thought.  Work, kid's dance stuff, hobby, home, general crappiness.  Getting old sucks sometimes.  So I give you a photo montage.  Deal. 

Me working.. talking to clients on the phone and snuggling with my Wonder Woman bear.  Don't judge. You'd snuggle too. 

Stage Manager for the kid's performance.  Pro : I get a headset  Con:  I don't get to see the show.  ever

My Hostas and Bleeding hearts.  I love me my Hostas.  I planted them once (ok, twice - thanks mom) and they are taking over.  I think they are aliens and planning world domination. 

I remember when this was a "strong" cider.  Not so much any more.  Tasty. 

Look.. i have a halo.  I am an Airport Angel..  stuck at JFK for 15 hrs. 

Our cat who thinks she's a dog.  No joke.  She begs.  

Monday, May 04, 2015

On the road again

Last minute trip to Toronto... So I am averaging about 40-50% travel this year so far... Toronto is close enough but far enough away to make me miss my bed.  At least I don't need to drive when I am here.  Park the car and walk.  It's too framing expensive to drive here.  Parking cost is nuts.  Hotel is close.. Like a mile or less.  So I get my exercise in.  Time to work..  And do more more work tonight.

Monday, January 26, 2015

trying to roll with the punches

The work / life balance is totally out of whack.  It doesn't happen often but its in full swing.  These last 2 weeks have been particularly crappy.  I had a horrible experience traveling internationally (lesson learned and boy do I know a lot more now), I've been on the edge of being sick and I have been tossed some additional work last minute which includes a very tight timeline.  Its not Bad per-say, just really crappy timing.  I barely had a minute to do anything (I scheduled pee breaks this week, that is sad).

So this week, due to some decisions beyond me, my week lightened..  YEAH!! well Boo.. but YEAH!!

I can do the prep I need to, do the docs I need to and breathe.  White space on a calender does not mean I HAVE to do back to back meetings.  For the love of pete, I need like 30 to an hour to process what I just did and prep for the next one.  this is how things get missed.  Or something slips.

My plan for today..  Catch up.  Call my mom, do my docs, have a call at 4:30-6:30pm.  And drink lots of Coffee, Tea and water.  That's my story and I'm sticking to it.