Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Jimmy Hoffa is the 20th Century Holy Grail

I was driving home yesterday listening to NPR. A brief story about the search for Hoffa came on. They had yet anotehr tip from a dying inmate that led them to a Michagan barn. The Feds promptly tore up the barn.

Are we so desperate to find him? It feels like the search for Hoffa has become the new quest for the Holy grail. Will finding Hoffa make everything better? Will there world peace? No hunger? No Poverty? No - if they do find him, it will more tax payers money to rebuild/fill in whatever they destroyed and all they will have are some bones. He won't talk... let the man lay where ever he is.

Monday, May 22, 2006

Road Trip

This weekend, I took a long overdue road trip with my best girlfriend. No husbands, no kids. Just Thelma and Louise and a 3 hour trip to Slippery Rock, PA. for War Practice. Some things to ponder on the road...
  • Do Fireworks and Karate really go together?
  • Henry Rollins
  • Road Kill Bingo
  • Thank God for Easy Pass
  • Dunkirk's Walmart is not too shabby
  • When wearing wet shoes, socks will become wet really really fast. So buying new SOCKS and SHOES is a must
  • Hot water is good
  • Every girl needs a 'puppy'
  • Bring a better cork screw
  • Mirco-brewed wine is fab
  • Doubletree Inn
  • More blankets and a space heater
  • Must learn how to start fire
  • Mud and Cold do not mix
  • I have a case of Hard Cider.. mine mine mine...
  • Sneakers are a must for Pennsic
  • Burning is possible on a rainy/cloudy day
  • Stone Soup
  • No more falling in the stream
  • We hadn't blinked since New Castle.
Lesson Learned - Planning and preparation are ok (yeah!) and Pennsic will be oh so strange.

And Note: The castle did not look this good -- Rain rain rain.. bleh

Wednesday, May 03, 2006


ok , so I've been 'surfing' the bloggs for the last hour or so. Why? I don't want to think.

Here is what I've seen that I find odd....

people disable the Right Click function... i hate that
lots of non-english bloggs
pointless entries.. (i'm included)

thats it. i'm going to bed