Friday, October 19, 2012

Dear South Park High students crossing Southside,

Do you see that pole on the corner?  See the button?  It says "Press to cross..." PRESS IT!!!  Cars will not stop for you.  If you press the magic button, the light will turn red in your favor...  then you can safely cross the road.  And oh...  cross at the corner... NOT THE FREAKING MIDDLE OF THE ROAD!!  And you wonder why cars don't stop...

Concerned driver...

PS...  fuzzy pj bottoms are not appropriate for school.  GET SOME REAL PANTS!

Saturday, October 06, 2012

The next level of Hell

The whole puberty question came up again today.  So I went for it... while I was driving home.  Why?  I keeled over with cramps and the girl child was concerned that I would need to go to the hospital.  Since she had gone with Tim for his gall stone attack, she thought I was going to die.

Nope. Not dying..  just wanting to ripe my uterus out for a bit.

So I took the whole medical route on what happens.. every damn month.  She has heard the terms but didn't know what they were.  Now,.. she knows.  Her big question to me..  why I never said I was going through the pain each month.  She doesn't like to see me in pain so she felt bad. Because she hangs out with a lot of older girls  at her performance studio... the "its that time of the month" has been tossed around.  Now, she knows what it means.

Some will say,..  "she's only 9!  Why are you bringing this up with her?"  Here's why.. 1)she's in a training bra.  2) she's heavy for her age  like I was.  3) I was like 10/11 when I got it..  I do not need her freaking out when it happens.  I'm just glad I'm over this hurtle...  one more to go. I'm gonna hunt down a drink.. I need it.

Friday, October 05, 2012

No sweetie, its called Hell.

A delightful conversation with my kid as we drove home from dance last night

Erin:  Mom, do girls go though Puberty?

Me: Yes.  Why?

Erin:  I thought it would be called something different.  

Me: (trying not to laugh).  Nope, same name as the boys.  Some of the same stuff happens too.. hair in funny places.  We get  the whole boob thing and some other stuff too (thinking to myself - please don't ask.. please don't ask...  )

Erin: It must tickle to shave your underarms.....

Oh the joys of being a Mom.

Thursday, October 04, 2012

Pros and Cons

I have worked from home now for nearly a year.  And I love it.  But there are some Pros and Cons to it.

I don't need to shower and do my hair right away when I start my day
World's shortest commute
Don't need to worry about driving in the snow
I can do the laundry while I work.
I have a full kitchen for lunch
I can open the windows
I can step away for fresh air
My kid can take the bus home
I can take a nap on my lunch hour

I drink way too much coffee
I tend to work later than I really should
Oh..shiny - distractions can happen
Frequent interruptions from a cat and kid
I talk to myself way too much

Would I go back to working in an office?  Nope.  I like being a Work at Home Mom.  And I'm thankful I can do it.

Wednesday, October 03, 2012

New jeans.. thrifty style

I'm about 10 pounds shy of my next weight goal.  I've lost 20 pounds so far and want to loose 30 more.  I can totally do it but it will take time.  No fast loss here..  saggy skin is something I want to avoid.  I also want to have my body realize the new smaller size is actually NORMAL.   So far its working.  But my jeans are way too big. Like falling off my butt big.  I've used a belt but it looks dumb.  The pants are just plain too big. Its not a bad thing.

I know deep down I can get really good jeans and clothes at AmVets and the Salvation Army.  But it was something I never really did in earnest.  Sure, I'd go and browse and find a skirt or maybe something for Erin.  But to buy new (to me) clothes for a purpose?  Yes.  When its $5 for a pair of Lee jeans that run anywhere from $25-$40...  HOW CAN I BE SO FREAKING BLIND!??!!!  And there were a ton of brand name jeans (in really small sizes) from Banana Republic, Apple Bottom Jeans and Aeropostale.

So 2 pairs of $4.98 jeans came home with me.. a size 12.  Granted, its the stretchy jean fabric but they are 12s and they fit.  I DON'T CARE!!  This is huge for me.  

With School pictures coming up, I got Erin a new shirt and skirt..  each was $3.98.  New outfit for $8.  Screw the mall.  I got voted best Mom.  So next paycheck she gets $20 to spend - the task,  New Pants.  She's already planning on trying to get as much as she can.  When I start to travel, I'll need new pants so it will be a bit until then as I don't want too buy dress pants then find they don't fit.

Oh AmVets.. you rock.

Snickers Dip

I found this recipe online... and made it..  AND IT WAS A HIT!  I got tired of regular pot luck food so I made a dessert.  Snicker's Dip.  Ready?  Its super easy.

2 8oz packs of Cream Cheese
1 8oz tube of Cool whip
1/4 cup brown sugar
6 chopped up Snickers Bars.

 Get it?  Mix it all together..  that's it!   I took a Hershey bar and grated it on the top.

let it chill for a couple of hours and serve with Graham crackers... YUM!!!

We're not killing Bambi

Me: Erin, can I ask you a question?  What do think about hunting?

Erin: I'd like to go.

Me: Really?

Erin: Yeah.  I really want to go hunting. It would be fun.  

Me: So you are OK with killing animals for meat?

Erin: Yeah.  Killing them for no reason is wrong.  For food is ok.  I'd really like some deer meat.

Me:  You know, some people may tell you that you are killing  Bambi

Erin:  Moooommm.. you don't kill the babies.  There's no meat on them.  That's just wrong.