Monday, March 28, 2011


Did you ever feel like you just want to throw everything out?

I was cleaning up my dresser yesterday and had to restrain myself from just throwing it all in the garbage.  I think I'm itching for spring.. this cold weather has me on my last nerve.  I want to kick E outside to get some fresh air but its muddy and cold and snowy still.  Not the good kind of mud to play in either.

She tried riding her bike (another room I want to throw everything out of is the laundry room where we keep her bike) but it got cold again.  The new 20 inch bike has been tackled and she can ride it.... its just too cold.

I think I need to clean... yeah..  I am chucking things tonight.  Fear not Tim, I won't touch your stuff...

Saturday, March 19, 2011


At swimming i hear a parent get upset that she can't be on deck. Per the woman in charge, it caused too much of a distraction in the last series.   Let your kid experence and learn!! Do not hover!! THEY WILL BE FINE FOR 45 MINUTES!!!!

I am so happy that Erin is independent yet still likes her snuggle time.

Friday, March 18, 2011


Alrighty..  I have been slacking here due to stuff.  First, I had another trip.  This time to Franklin, Mass.  Thats a whole other entry.   Work has been eating up most of my life of late so I decided I needed to take a minute for myself.  More like an hour.  I am taking a class at my daughter's dance studio - an adult Cardio/Dance/Pilate's class.

I happen to be really good friends with the instructor.  I grew up with her.  And she is taking no mercy on me what so ever.  Today was week 2.  I am beat.  Broken as Erin says.

I haven't taken an actual dance or exercise class since high school.  Wow...  I am out of shape.  But its getting better.

so if you all will excuse me, I am going to melt into the floor now.  

Saturday, March 05, 2011

adventures in phily.

The start of my walk to get the train...  at least it was wonderful weather

I spent my Friday in Philidelphia, PA for work.  I needed to be at a meeting with a client.  Now, I'm not a frequent traveler so this will become the norm for me soon given my job.    Anyways.....
The flight out was the first leg of the adventure.  It was  a prop jet.  Yep... a prop jet.

The Phily airport was huge!!  After trying to find the darn Taxi cabs, I finally made it into downtown.  The cabbie took the side roads to avoid the main traffic. Such beautiful brownstones.  And the streets were so narrow!  I'd hate to see what they are like snow covered.

I was dropped off in the "artsy" section of the city - South Broad and Pine.  Can we say total Character?  I sat in Starbucks just watching.  I don't think I can ever burn from my mind the old man, in speedos, wearing skates and carrying a bugle.  Yes... you heard me.  A bugle.

My meetings went well and I made the decision to walk the 9 or so blocks north the Suburban Station to catch the direct Commuter Train to the airport.  My VP called me brave to walk.  I called it an adventure.  The route was direct and full of..  color.  I use the term to describe the flavor of more characters along the way.  WOW!!!

After a 20 min walk, I found the station (right near city hall which was beautiful!!).  Finding the ticket counter was a pain and it was like pulling teeth to get info from the ticket agent.  Its true what they say.. people in Phily are angry.
I have never taken a commuter train before.  When I went to DC with Tim we took the subway but this was different.  It was a step up from subway but not quite Amtrack.  The car conductor was a gruff middle aged man..  with a blinking  tie.  Yes.. he had lights on his tie.  How can you be so angry and wear that tie?

Back at the Airport security went smoothly.  No pat downs at all.  Found my gate, found the shopping, got the souvenirs I promised (how could I not get a mini Liberty Bell bell?) and got some food.

so far, things were going smoothly.  Until it came time to board.  I ran between gate B8 and B1 because the computer was being stoopid.  With that settled on B8, we were old we had to delay boarding because of a BROKEN SEAT. 30 minutes later, we board.  And wait. There was a change in wind direction which was causing take off issues.  We were supposed to take off at 6:10pm.  We took off closer to 8pm.  

Needless to say, I am glad to be home.  And I get to do it all over again next week.  I will miss Mr. Bugle man.

Friday, March 04, 2011

Places i can say i have been to. Philly. Its a pretty city in parts. Beautiful archicture on the old city homes. Other

This mobile text message is brought to you by AT&T

Thursday, March 03, 2011


The kiddo awoke yesterday with a panic.  She gets that tone in her whiny cry for me.   Then I heard it.  The tell tale Seal Bark.  Croup.

Here I was hoping she would out-grow it but no.  She will be 8 in a mere 5 days.  And she gets Croup.

Now the logical side of me says "the likely cause was this weekend's event.  Lots of people, lots of germs.  No biggie, monitor for fever and keep tabs on the cough.  Steam then cold. And make sure she naps".

The other side went "crap crap crap!!!!!!  She has 2 swim things this weekend.. this is gonna break her heart!  crap crap crap".

Well needless to say, she immediately crawled into bed with me and fell asleep for like an hour.  This is good.  There was no lack of appetite and no fever.  Just the cough and runny nose.  Steam came that afternoon and then we ventured out to Target and the pet store (present for friend and a replacement Hamster ball.  poor steve is going crazy).

The cough lessened.  Now, I am sick.  I could tell exactly when I got it and I hate that feeling.  Mrrrrrrrr.  Flying with a cold sucks.  Having to meet with a client under those circumstances sucks more.

Coffee and rest are in order for me today (even tough I am at work, I am resting..  its not like I have move around a whole lot at my desk).  Speaking of coffee.. I am broken.  I need to fix that.

Tuesday, March 01, 2011

hot tub time machine

Yes, I actually watched this movie.  And yes, i laughed out loud. {"I want my $2!!!"}

Its been sitting at home for over 2 months now and we finally watched it.  General thoughts...
John Cusak was funny.  the 80's genre fits him
The inside 80's jokes made me feel old.
There were a lot of breasts... clearly a movie not for kiddos.

Would I have paid to see it in the theatres?  Nope. but I liked it.
Of course now I will be singing "Home Sweet Home" by Mötley Crüe all night,


There is all this talk about moms being professional bloggers.  Going to blogging conferences like BlogHer, getting items to try from companies and then giving them away.  I trying things and then giving them way (heck,  I've been on the winning side twice.. its a great feeling!)


Ok.. Sorry about that.  I want to take the time to blog, find ways to get more readers, the whole kit and kaboodle.  That is my goal.  That is my ambition... well that and sewing.  So tonight, I am going make some tea, grab my blanket and read BlogHer for a bit.