Thursday, October 01, 2015

How we don't fight

Our electric dryer is awesome.  We save on gas, it has several modes and I can hear the buzzer.  If it was working I would.

Yesterday I decided to wash the blankets we use in the family room and a sweatshirt I spilled coffee on.  So far so good. I went to toss them into the dryer and pressed the start button.





After some googling and you tube watching, I managed to get the back of the dryer off, cleaned out the pipes and was ready to test the fuse. It wouldn't budge.  So I waited till the husband came home.  He got it off and we tested what we thought would be a very easy repair (aside from the fact the dryer wanted blood from me).    The fuse was fine.  We wanted it to NOT work.  It worked.

Off to google again and more tools.  Husband enlisted my dainty little hands to help get some of the screws undone and we looked for another fuse thing that didn't exist on our machine, cleaned it out, put it back together 3 times because the drum wouldn't line up and not one argument occurred. The machine is still broken.  But we are not.

The husband and i have this odd skill of being able to to work on appliances, small construction projects and house repairs and not yell or get mad at each other.  We have managed to shovel ourselves out 7 feet of snow, put in a ceiling fan/light, remove a garbage disposal, fix the sink, install a surround sound system (twice), install and remove the AC every year and rewire a few switches.  All without yelling or killing each other.

We are both crazy smart and strong willed but we both realize some jobs you just need 2. You need an extra set of hands, or eyes, or smaller fingers.  We complement each other in that.  Now for being a girl, I am mechanically inclined.  My dad used to have me help out on small projects because I could get into places he couldn't and my hands were much smaller.  I learned how to use basic tools and i have no problem taking apart an appliance to fix it.  I don't need to call someone to fix it.  I have the Googles.   This gives us an advantage.  I don't play "the girl card" when it comes to home repair.

So back to the dryer.  It's sitting there, unplugged, staring at me.  Mocking us.  But I have a partner who will help take it down.