Saturday, April 22, 2006

Saturday Mornings

It is Saturday - why was I up at 6am? Oh yeah - my 3 year old wanted to watch cartoons. After convincing her stay in bed for a bit longer, we made our way to the TV.

What happened to Saturday morning cartoons? They are all terrible! The only ones I can stand are the Nick Jr ones on CBS (well, some of them - face it Backyardians totally rocks). Who ever agreed to revamping the loony tunes characters and creating yet another girl Magical show and more Power Rangers should seriously reconsider the state of our kid's mind set. At least on Diego and Dora, Erin learns something.

Now I'll hear the argument that there are cartoons on - yeah -- on Cable stations. We don't have cable and I don't want it. More dribble to pick from and sit like a zombie in from a glowy tube.

I'm watching the Backyadigans now -Erin is bopping around the room singing along. Today, the kids are at the Beach - its raining here so what a great idea to pretend to be at the beach.

What happen to kids pretending? Man - I'm starting to sound like the mean old lady on the street. That's my cue for another cup of coffee.

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