Monday, May 22, 2006

Road Trip

This weekend, I took a long overdue road trip with my best girlfriend. No husbands, no kids. Just Thelma and Louise and a 3 hour trip to Slippery Rock, PA. for War Practice. Some things to ponder on the road...
  • Do Fireworks and Karate really go together?
  • Henry Rollins
  • Road Kill Bingo
  • Thank God for Easy Pass
  • Dunkirk's Walmart is not too shabby
  • When wearing wet shoes, socks will become wet really really fast. So buying new SOCKS and SHOES is a must
  • Hot water is good
  • Every girl needs a 'puppy'
  • Bring a better cork screw
  • Mirco-brewed wine is fab
  • Doubletree Inn
  • More blankets and a space heater
  • Must learn how to start fire
  • Mud and Cold do not mix
  • I have a case of Hard Cider.. mine mine mine...
  • Sneakers are a must for Pennsic
  • Burning is possible on a rainy/cloudy day
  • Stone Soup
  • No more falling in the stream
  • We hadn't blinked since New Castle.
Lesson Learned - Planning and preparation are ok (yeah!) and Pennsic will be oh so strange.

And Note: The castle did not look this good -- Rain rain rain.. bleh


Carolyn aka Lilion said...

Ok when wearing wet shoes TAKE THEM OFF!!! You are braver than a white scarf on the battlefield if you go into the privey barefoot. Dead Puppies aren't much fun. I'm not sure if I have blinked yet....and I AM A LESBIAN!!!! HAHAHAHAHA

Face on Fire said...

Hahahahaha - you sound like me!
Glad to hear you're training properly for your Pennsic experience!