Monday, March 10, 2008

yet another scroll

Ice Dragon is this weekend and more scrolls need to be done, especially for the tourneys. You see, I'm into Medieval reenacting. I belong to a the Society for Creative Anachronism. I'm a geek through and through. Not only do I knit, crochet and sew, I also scrapbook, do illumination and calligraphy, embroider, cook, bake and do lots and lots of research.

Back to Ice Dragon. Its the big event for the area and I offered my services to do 2 scrolls - 1st and 2nd place Novice. From one Novice to another I say. Well, I again offered my services - how much time does it really take to do a scroll? Lets take one more. Heavy Arms tourney.

So far - 1 hr research
1 hr to pencil sketch
1/2 hr to ink
2 hrs calligraphy (this took me longer since I had a cat bumping my elbow as I wrote)

Left - Color.

Will it be done by Friday? Hell yah! Will it get the 'Ah' factor? I hope so. I have also found my new favorite resource - the Maciejowski Bible. I lost some time researching this bible and its great images. I can see why so many reenactors use this.

I'm done for the night. night all...

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