Saturday, June 07, 2008

5 miles

Thats what I walked today. Today was the Brass Ring Thing up in Tonawanda. Its a benefit for The Hershell Carrousel Museum and the SCA does a lot of the demos. Erin and I went. She played all the games ($5 bracelet), had lunch there with me ($9), 2 bottles of water ($4), and wanted a thing for head ($7). I splurged on something for me ($14) and thats it. Why do I not have any money??

Regardless, she had fun and I got burnt. She bet up the fighters and loved it. I loved watching her beat up the fighters.

Dinner was part of the reason I walked so far. We went to the Marina to get Ice Cream for dinner. I just don't care. So we walked down to the redone section of the marina - its nice. Still needs work but its nice.

Pixs to come as soon as I find the camera, cord and can feel my feet.

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