Wednesday, August 13, 2008

So freaking cool

It was well worth the money. Wii Fit is so freaking cool. Getting the danged thing was challenge enough.
I managed to figure the set up part, redid the body test like 3 times (note, don't hold the remote when its scanning you). Apparently I weigh less than I think or the board is slightly off. Frankly I don't care.

30 min of running, yoga, balance, and hula... i'm beat. I also need a sports bra (I know, TMI). Hula I think is best at this point.

And the nice thing is that Erin didn't freak when I said she couldn't use it tonight. She was all like "thats ok mom, I can use it tomorrow. you set it up tonight". So I got some me time in with the Wii Fit. Thank you company for allowing me to expense it !!!!!

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