Tuesday, January 20, 2009


This weekend I got in the mail a pattern for 18 inch doll clothes. I flat out refuse to pay $30 for a dress for a doll when I won't pay that much for me. I have a bunch of scrap fabric and I know where to get half a yard pretty cheap. All I needed was a good pattern. Well I have 3 packs of patterns now.

This one was a simple peasant dress and we opted for a Valentine pattern (its what I had). Snaps in the back and some lovely lace from Aunt Sammy (Thanks Sam! you saved the day!). Its outfit # 2 that I've made and I think it came out just fine.

The kid has requests for more so expect some more American Girl shots. oh joy...
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DivaHick said...

Is there any material or trim she's looking for? I might be able to help. I definately have enough half finished projects here!