Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Better Packing

I've done this trip enough to know how to pack and I messed up. In order to take the least amount possible, I totally missed a day for a shirt. And a long sleeved shirt. Those rooms get cold.

So off to the mall I went yesterday. Macys. I now LOVE Macys. And I bought 5 pieces (4 shirts and a cami) for $49. There was a sale and I took full advantage of it getting 2 tees at $4.99 each.

Speaking of the mall. When I went on Monday, there was someone walking around with what appeared to be secret service. Ear pieces and all. I couldn't get around them at one point. I have NO idea who it was. Not a clue. Secret Service, in the Fair Oaks Mall. Silly.

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