Sunday, August 01, 2010


In prep for the trip, I got a deck of cards from the Dollar store. You'd think in this house, we'd have tons. Nope.

I cracked them open and started playing Solitaire. Erin became interested and helped. She had seen Papa play and wanted to learn herself. After some lesson, I went to go finish dinner. Upon walking back into the living room, I find her playing Solitaire herself.

Just before bedtime, she wanted to play "Goldfish"... Go Fish. After a few matches, it was War. Now, she seem interested. I think its time to introduce Rummy to her.

I play on and off. Only with my Mom. I was about Erin's age when I learned to play at my Grandmother's house. We'd play on the sun porch and we'd keep score all summer long. She'd kick my ass. I stopped playing just because thats what you do when you are a kid. Now, I'm bringing it back. I've re-read the rules and I think I remember them. I'll jot a few notes down before we leave and then give it a whirl with the 7 year old. I figure its a nice time sink when you are camping and need to kill time.

Mom, expect a phone call in the next day or so to clarify the rules.

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