Monday, July 04, 2011

summer stuff.. so far

here I thought summer was supposed to be fun and memorable..  I'm damn exhausted!  Its July 4 at 11pm. It sounds like a fire fight is going on outside.  Well, what I'd imagine it would sound like..  So much for fireworks in NYS being illegal....hahahhahah!

We just got back from visiting friends for a few hours.. talking about "the good old days", swimming, playing board games.. I am burnt.  But it was nice to see friends.  Next weekend is another family party... and thats the last one for the summer.  Then its a friend's picnic, maybe fantasy island then our trip to Vegas....  then VA and maybe TX (the VA and TX trips are me.. for work..woohoo!).

yeah.. i lost where I was going with this one so since I can't keep a thought in my head, I'm gonna not even try.  Happy 4th peoples... enjoy your days...

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