Friday, November 18, 2011

can't catch a break

the 8 year old is going through a rough bout of life.  First, she's lactose intolerant.  so we constantly have to watch ingredients for milk.  we are learning what she can and can not have and its a hard learning process for her.  repeated trips to the bathroom is not fun.

next, she had her foot stepped on last night by her musical teacher.  that hurt.  then she couldn't sing her favorite christmas song.  she came home in tears.

so we were up most of the night - the complaint of a pulled muscle in her ab (totally possible as she had gym and dance in one day)....  and then the issue to top all others.....  hives.  this is new for us.  she had some breakfast (cheese and pretzels) and broke out into hives.  a quick call to the doctor's office and some benedryl later.. she's asleep. hives are going down. my poor girl.

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