Friday, October 17, 2014

Good Grief..

Wow.. I am a total slacker.
Time to start this going again since well, I'm a slacker.

Things on the home-front are crazy busy.  Kid has Band and Dance so if anyone wants a trumpet serenade, let me know.

I have started gaming again with the hubby.  After an 11 year break, I am now part of a regular gaming group and we are playing D&D.  Yes, kicking old school.. well, 5th edition but its D&D.  The goal was to get me out of the house as I'm still working from home and I've reached that level of "OMG, will someone other than the Cat talk to me and can I please leave my yard??".  Now once a week, we go to a friend's house, chat, play with the dogs, eat and play D&D.

Here's to hoping my sanity comes back.

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