Tuesday, July 25, 2006

home in one piece

We made it home. A little worn and tired, but rested. First, thanks to Saturn - I have an Ion. Its not a big car at all and we got in
tent, tarp, 3 chairs, cooler, 2 bags of clothes, box of food, cleaning supplies, 3 duffel bags, 3 pillows, camping stove, propane tanks (the little ones) and some random stuff for Erin. We got it all in (pictures to follow). And to top that, we got it all BACK in the car on Monday (minus some food and plus some extras). Kick ass mileage in this gas craze. Thank you Saturn.

Back to the trip. All went pretty well I think. We stayed at Fair Haven State park. Its one of the top parks in the nation and it shows. We picked a different section this year and it happened to be a predominant Camper/trailer section. There was our little tent in the midst of all the campers. Friday - Set up - no issues. Ground was a little hard but we made due. It was at this point, we needed a break. HEAD TO THE BEACH. Lake Ontario was great - not deep and warm and we got Erin in. Sand castles were put on hold and she didn't want to get out of the lake. Neither did I.

Tim ended up getting a ton of wood and most of it was still pretty green. Creating fire was a challenge but we did it. Hot dogs over real fire are so much better.

The rain came. Not metaphorically - literally. It started to rain Saturday morning. After Erin and I got up to make breakfast, it started to sprinkle. Not a big deal, we can walk the Ren fair in this. Yeah, so God laughed at me and it started to pour. CALL NOAH! I NEED AN ARK!

Water was just streaming past and under the tent, seeping in and pooling on the rain guard. On to Plan B - The Strong Museum in Rochester. This place is GREAT but not on the weekend. Way too many people and Erin could hardly get a turn on some of the play areas.

We ventured back to the camp site and found it wasn't too bad. Some water in the tent but thanks to a handy dandy mop I bought on the way home, I saved the day. But, I wasn't cooking. A trek to Oswego diner was a life saver.

Sunday proved much better. A great day at the fair - Pirate weekend and Erin had a blast. A few break downs but she's 3. I ended up carrying her a lot since there is a lot of walking and 'too may peoples' for her to deal with. The big draw for her was the 'slippery slide' - the goose neck slide. I think she did it some 5 or 6 times. Erin and I took a camel ride (way cool) and all 3 of us did the maze. She even made friends of one of the workers - Erin rode the CARROSOLL 2 times and it was way too muddy and she was the littlest one. The one worker picked her up and carried her. She 'loved' him and was taken with her.

The trip home we tried something different. We took 104 thru to Rochester and of course made a stop at Millennium. I am the best wife ever - i let Tim loose in the gaming store.

Now we are home - sore and a ton of laundry to do. Half was done yesterday and I need to finish putting everything away. The tent is gross and needs to be done soon. I'm camping again in like 2 weeks.

So to sum up the Vacation:
Need a bigger car
Remember to bring more pants for me and Erin
Put everything in Totes
Don't put juice boxes in the cooler by themselves.
make sure the tent is flat on the ground
A rug is not a bad idea for inside the tent
I am a walking Buffet for mosquitoes
Raccoons like fruit snacks
Bring anti-itch stuff along
More towels

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Face on Fire said...

How convenient - just made you two pairs of pants and a tunic last night. Now off to finish your coat so I can ship it all out to you!