Sunday, July 30, 2006

Never in a million years

I took Erin to the park yesterday to get her 'wiggles' out. Caz park is a nice size and there is a lot to do. There was a party in the park and an argument erupted with some pretty foul language. The 4 sets of parents around looked over and laughed it off. The kids didn't care and the one party member was horrified. I ended up talking to one of the moms while Erin was playing. Not a big deal.

Erin wanted to go see the water so we walked by the creek. The one mom was also headed that way due to her kid. We talked a bit more (weather, the kids) and she asked if I was single. I said no. This peeked my interest. She went on to tell me that her brother wanted to know - he saw me and thought I was cute. I was cute.. I GOT HIT ON!!! A 31 year old overweight married mom!!

Never in a million years...

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