Sunday, February 18, 2007

Home at last

I've been away since Sunday for a corporate training event. 5 days of technical training and meetings in Fairfax, VA. Some observations from the week...

  • VA has NO idea how to deal with Winter weather
  • Closing the county VA schools for 4 days for 1 inch of snow and some ice is a joke
  • Eating out for 6 days is not good for the digestive system
  • Dullas Airport is too freaking big to keep track of a group of 10
  • My luggage made it home on time and with me.
  • My flight left before the flight before us that the team tried to get on standby ( Haha)
  • I remember why I don't go to lunch with some people I work with
  • Big Bowl is fantastic
  • Cheesecake factory is OK
  • Drinking with those you work with can be dangerous
  • NEVERLOST is kewl when they know the left from the right
  • I've been on route 66
  • Breakfast buffets that cost $16 should be be burnt and hard as a rock.

I'm glad to be home.

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