Monday, February 05, 2007


I was desperate. Yes... its 10 degrees ( -10 with the wind). I needed bread, dinner and milk. I needed a haircut. So, I took my hour lunch at 1:30 and took the kid to the salon. Now, I can hear it "She's not even 4!". But can a preschooler make conversation with the stylist, follow directions and not wiggle while she's getting her bangs cut? MINE CAN!

Erin is FANTASTIC when I take her to get her hair cut. She sits and listens and strikes up a conversation like any blue haired regular. I HAVE A GIRLY GIRL! She was in one chair and I was in the other. She's talking to me and the girls and didn't freak when I went to get my fair cut.

So $30 later plus tip, my daughter is primped and beautiful. Wait.. that didn't sound right. That was for the both of us. Not bad actually. $22 for me and $8 for her.

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