Friday, May 02, 2008

Going Green because its cheaper

With the ongoing battle at pumps over the insanely high price of Gas (almost $4 a gallon now kids, this is getting bad) and now the cost of flour going up, all the extra money is going to Food and gas. A few of us I know are going green because we HAVE to, not because we want to.

1) No more paper towels - use cloth instead

2) pre-made instant in a box oatmeal is out - a tub is cheaper and tastes the same

3) buy in bulk - separate into portion sized containers and share with a friend.

4) Go homemade - bread: only eat it when you know you'll eat it (how much have i thrown out), granola: apparently, my homemade granola bars are the bomb and recycle leftovers (mmm... Shepard's pie, and stirfry.... mmmmmmmmmm)

5) Order online - it has come to my attention that you can order in bulk from Amazon on everyday good (coffee, personal hygiene products, cleaning supplies and so on). I may never have to shop for feminine products, dish soap and toilet paper again~ well, for this year at least

6) Use baking soda and vinegar to clean - it worked for my grandmother, it can work for me and its cheaper too

7) I have all this Tupperware, I might as well use it.

8) Grow a garden - its fun, exercise, the kids will love it and the fresh veggies taste yummy

9) eat less meat - I love meat (snicker, giggle - love you honey) but Its sooo expensive. More veggies and pasta huh? OK - I'm game for new rice and more chicken.

10)NETFLIX! Yes, you heard me. We get fairly current movies, make popcorn (no icee though) and have a night at the movies. Sometimes, we even do a double-feature (oooohhhhhh) AND we don't have to leave the house...expect to go the mail box of course. And a benifit, I can get up to use the bathroom and NOT MISS ANY OF THE MOVIE.

11) Make your own greeting cards - I have a ton of paper and an internet connection. I can get creative.

Ok, I'll stop. Its such a shame its taking the Gas and Flour prices to make people go green (or whatever hue it is).

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