Thursday, July 03, 2008

a lot can happen in a year

All I can say is wow.

Week one of day camp is done and she loves it. The counselors love her for the entertainment and she is well behaved.

Swimming - she JUMPED in the pool, went under the water and didn't freak. She repeatedly went under the water even with her eyes open.

Dinner - manners and she ate. Thats all I care about right now.

Shopping -No whining in the toy store. In the bookstore, she was polite, helped a little girl, gave the little girl the book she was reading so she wouldn't have to walk over to get another one. The dad stopped me and said what a polite and nice girl she was. They are used to seeing the snotty, bratty, pisspots and Erin was "perfect". In reward, she got 2 more books. They are books!! Not toys.

Going home - there was a DWI check on the way home and she was patient and didn't get freaked by the cop.

Home - no issue going to bed - story and 3 songs. No whining.

Last year, she was dealing with temper tantrums, fits, ODD type behavior and not dealing well with me leaving. Now, she's a different kid. She's not perfect but today was ideal. Thank you school for discipline. Thank you YMCA for letting her be a kid for the summer.

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