Thursday, April 02, 2009


It was so nice today, Erin and I went for a walk to the park after dinner. This is a crap shoot. The park near the house is very convenient but deadly.
1) Glass all over the place
2) random on fire trash cans
3) glass
4) kids who think its ok to swear
5) glass

Did I say glass? The local teens feel the need to drink in the park and proceed to throw the glass bottles on the ground, breaking them and not caring. There is a garbage can in the park (most of the time anyways).
Think about it for a minute. Playground = kids. kids = playing. playing= falling down. glass + falling down = very very bad. On the outside of the park along the fence someone broke a mirror. A fairly large one. WTF?

So I started picking up the glass. And then the looks started from the other parents and the kids on the court. It was either "what is that crazy lady doing?" or "She's a nut and a bitch". I even got some of the kids to help. Not one parent helped.

Erin even said next time we go to the park, we need to bring a garbage bag and help and maybe the president will come to the park and give us an award. 'cause babies can't play on glass.

She's a smart kid. Glass may be better for the environment but its horrible for the playground.

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