Tuesday, May 11, 2010

in a hurry

There is a woman whom I often run into during the morning rush in. She must live near me because I have been behind her or she's driving in front of me... very fast. I do believe she is trying to read my bumper stickers but need new glasses if you know what I mean.

So this morning she was right behind me and weaved her way in and out to get ahead. With all that hurried driving, her parking spot was... one away from mine.

I stroll into the building and she's impatiently waiting for the elevator. I opted for the other one. Hmmm.. Mine arrived the same time as hers. And she pushed her way onto the elevator first (no doubt she stood right by the floor buttons).

Sigh... I've seen her do this on more than one occasion. I've given up rushing in most cases. Its not worth it. She never smiles.. never seems happy. So with that, I am going to enjoy my drive this evening and get there when I get there.

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