Sunday, July 18, 2010


For you Mom, since I don't update this often enough. And Sam, I know you read this too.

Pennsic prep is well underway. This will be the kiddo's first vacation away from Tim and no TV on top of it. No DS, no radio... It will be interesting. I think we'll need to find a kid friendly drum circle to let her wiggle a bit.

My clothes are mostly ready. Once more check of garb and I should be good. Then I just need to add in the mundane essentials. And shoes. I will forget shoes. For Erin, well... we are working on it. She has 3 tunics, a viking, jammies, hood and a cloak (that needs to be hemmed a lot). I am making her 2 more tunics, 2 skirts... I'm almost there.. I think. 3 weeks.. I can do it.

Not to mention I have an AOA to do as well. NO FREAKING GOLD THIS TIME! and a Knighting and another AOA... ok. Sew first.. then scroll. Food and Packing and then I can focus on the 2 out of kingdom scrolls.

Yep, I am rambling. What more do you want from some who has a pile of fabric cut and pieced sitting in her living room. And a tent and popup in the dining room.. and a tote of food that is marked " DO NOT OPEN 'TILL WAR!".

The sewing for tonight has stopped due to hand issues. I've been hand sewing to stay cool. Big mistake. 2 coifs and a skirt, lining in a coat ... and teaching Erin to hand sew.

Now I have cat next to me, so typing is a challenge. So there is where I am and where I am headed. Crazy.. as usual.

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