Wednesday, April 20, 2011


I am lacking in the motivation to move today.  I have a list of stuff to do that really needs to get done...  I don't want to move from my spot. Its cold and rainy.  But I know I should get a move on it. Dishes need to be done, laundry put away, Easter Candy needs to be bought (thats going to be the hard one as I really need a piece right now), cans and bottles taken in, munchies to buy for next  week, clean the kitchen, clean the bathroom, clean the  remaining bits in the family room...  in no particular order.

Yes, yes, yes,.  I should have listened to my Mother and made sure this didn't happen in the first place.  So I need to get off my butt (and the computer) and do something.

What motivates you to clean??

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