Monday, April 18, 2011

my little nightengale

As much as I complained/complain about my kid's attitude being that of a monster, she has shown me she really is a good kid.

The stoopid stomach bug had made its way into our house this month.  Erin had it first then I got it.  I happened to hit with it harder than her.  I was hoping it was done... nope.  Its not. Or its the steak I had yesterday (I don't remember the last time I had steak so my stomach may be just revolting against the yummy goodness of red meat).

Regardless of the cause, I am sitting here in pain.  My child comes up to me and rubs my shoulder.  With the most sincere look of concern she says "Mom, feel better".  She kissed me and went off to Girl Scouts.

She offered to rub my shoulders whenever I want.

Now, if I could just channel that energy into her doing what I ask her to when I'm not ill.

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