Friday, May 20, 2011

lack of wisdom

At the age of 35, I had my only wisdom tooth removed.  It was fine.. not impacted at all and still not 100% erupted. My last cleaning was when it cracked.  Just the corner of it which causes issues when eating.  It wasn't possible to fill it since it wasn't in all the way.  The only option was to pull it.

So today I had it pulled.  No heavy meds... I was awake.  3 shots of Novicaine.  Thats it.  Fortunately, the tooth came out in one piece.  And I felt it all.  This didn't bother me so much as I've 2 other molars pulled.  It was the fact I needed one stitch.  One.  Watching him sew it up and feeling it...  EEWWWWWW!!!!!

Now I am sitting here in pain.  Its been about 4 hours and the Novicaine has worn off.  I feel the 3 shot spots.  My jaw is sore, my gum is killing me.  I'd hate to see what it felt like without the Hydrocodone.  Hell,  even walking hurts... the jarring pressure rattles that spot and it feels like someone is poking it.

I kept the tooth.  I wonder the Adult rate is for a tooth?  If my kid gets $1... I should get at least.. what... $20???

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