Monday, May 09, 2011

nice night

I couldn't resist sitting outside when we came home from dance pictures.  It was so nice..  so I grabbed my stuff I need for tomorrow and a glass of wine and got to work.  So with the medallions done, I grabbed a cup of coffee to chill.  The kid is off with her friends across the street.  I foresee many hours this summer without my kid. I'm not complaining. She needs to be with kids her age.  Go!! Be a kid!! Please...

So here is my garden.. and me.  I'm proud of my little patch of land.  Its onions, cucumbers, lettuce, red and banana peppers and tomatoes. Some oregano, rosemary and lavender for spice.. if my basil takes, we'll have that too.

Yes, there is a grape vine behind me.  It is an evil grape vine.  I did not plant it... it was here when we moved in and has a mind of its own.  I have tired to cut it back some (not all as its a nice blocker from the neighbors behind me) but it comes back bigger each year.  And what makes it worse is that the grapes are not edible. They are a wild concord and fit for animals only.  Damn.. If they were the big ones, I would pick them then ship them to my sister in law to make jam.  

See.. cute!  Got my potting soil with said needed nutrients and those little suckers better grow. I'm counting on the tomatoes and lettuce.. and cucs too.  

So here I sit enjoying my little piece of heaven...  with coffee as the breeze has set in off the lake.  The only problem is that I get a nice sun in the afternoon but as soon as the sun starts to set, my backyard is cold.  No light at all.  

Cup from Lil.. and coffee from the hubby (for Mother's day, I got a Kuerig maker).  Time to go in.. not warm enough outside without a fire... sadly something we don't have.  

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